Show biz update on One Direction and the Kardashians

ONE DIRECTION;  Shooting their hot new video “Steal My Girl” in the baking Californian desert, One Direction made light of the difficult conditions, goofing around with the crew to keep up the fun atmosphere.  An egocentric director kept ruining the vibe by treating the crew like dirt, until he finally went too far and ordered one poor lad to drive across the desert to get him a skinnny double foam latte with caramel and sprinkles or some such silly drink!harrystyles6Amiable Harry Styles finally lost it and screamed at the doofus “That was disgraceful, who do you think you are? We would never treat anyone that way!”  Worried about his paycheck, the little Hitler started grovelling,  but a red faced Harry barked “Don’t tell it to me!  Tell it to your runner!”

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS:   Khloe’s shocking secret! She’ s back with French Montana and has finally dumped hubby Lamar! At Kendall’s birthday party Khloe and French were seen dirty dancing, hot ‘n heavy, as Khloe dropped hints they are moving into “a new phase in their relationship!” Even when Khloe went back to hubby Lamar, the skinny was that she and French were still hooking up!

Khloe may be pregnant and now she’s hinting she’s carrying twins.  French is her soulmate and would make a fantastic dad. Khloe’s a little gun-shy about marriage but wants kids….. problem is, a furious Lamar is demanding a paternity test!

Boris johnson’s kids love the Kardashians, and Boris loves One Direction.  Important for Dad to keep up!   Info via the National Enquirer.

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