Mini Moggster crushes rival as Kipper calls Londoners “riff raff”

The contrast couldn’t have been more telling.  The seven year old son of Jacob Rees-Mogg, impeccably suited, scrubbed and with a vote winning smile,  was out campaigning today in Rochester and Strood with his proud papa.reesmoggA chance meeting with UKIP’s Winston McKenzie produced another horrendous Kipper gaffe.  McKenzie blithely described Londoners as riff raff and said the people of South Norwood could be found in dustbins, to protests from Jacob Rees Mogg.  (see video here, via ConHome.)  Winston is typical of the foot in the mouth clutzes who pass for Kipper candidates these days.  Thanks for that, Winston.  Smooth!

The times that Douglas Carswell has looked extremely uncomfortable with his new mates are on the increase.  Unusually, he has decided not to comment on any of them, but the tensions must be building up.

Showing the political instincts sorely lacking in Winston McKenzie,  Rees-Mogg Jr. had no time to waste.  He had leaflets to give out, voters to chat up.  “UKIP are nuts” said the angel faced activist briskly.  And off he strode to take the fight to UKIP.

5 responses to “Mini Moggster crushes rival as Kipper calls Londoners “riff raff”

  1. Good to get kids into politics young! It’s a vital subject and teaches them about democracy.

  2. UKIP candidates arevery unpolished. It’s fine for Farage to smirk he has won two seats! He had ultra smooth Carswell and Reckless to hand them to him on a plate. It’s going to be a bit harder selling candidates like Winston McKenzie!

  3. Rochester and Stroud? That would be a very odd constituency indeed!

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