Shocker for UKIP! Immigrants are good for the UK economy!

Channel 4 FactCheck has some pretty astonishing news on immigration.  The drain on the UK is not immigrants!  It is native born Brits who aren’t working.NigelFarage5FactCheck says:  “If we start counting in 1995, we find that migrants from the EEA (that’s EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) make a small net positive contribution. They pay in a few billion pounds more than they take out.

For immigrants from outside Europe and native-born Britons, it’s the opposite. Non-Europeans have a negative effect – worth in the region of £100bn. Natives are also net “takers”, to the tune of about £600bn.”

Wow!  There’s a surprise!  So it is our countrymen who are not paying their way, not immigrants.  Bit of a shock for UKIP, eh?

After 2001, there is even more of a shock!  FactCheck says:

“But if we start counting from 2001, the contribution made by migrants rises considerably.

The central estimates used in the paper suggest European immigrants make a net contribution of around £20bn. For immigrants from outside Europe there is a small net contribution of around £5bn and for natives the net cost was more than £616bn.

The big take-home messages are that: a) the big wave of immigration from central and Eastern Europe after 2004 was good for the UK economy and b) native-born Britons are a bigger drain on the state than immigrants.”

As Boris Johnson said, in times of trouble, it is easy always to blame the stranger.  But in this case, the strangers are proving a help, not a hindrance.  After this huge smack in the kisser, what now for Nigel Farage?

The report does ignore numerical concerns, pressure on hospitals, schools, housing etc.  It must be remembered the focus is narrow, but interesting to know that immigrants are pulling their weight workwise.  It seems to be native born Brits who need to get their finger out.  If immigrants can find jobs, why can’t they?

One response to “Shocker for UKIP! Immigrants are good for the UK economy!

  1. It’s important to make the point that the numerical difficulties of immigration are ignored by the research.

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