Boris Johnson thrills a sellout audience talking about his book on Churchill

A sellout event at the Emanuel Centre, Marsham Street meant that the huge audience had the privilege of listening to Boris Johnson talk about his book on Winston Churchill, debating with Andrew Neil.borisselfie40Fraser Nelson has ably summarised the points of Boris’s speech so I give the ten points he made here.

Boris talked without notes, and the most powerful point he made was that without Winston Churchill the world would be a different place.  He chose to fight the evil of the Nazis instead of doing a deal, as so many of his colleagues advocated, and negotiate with Hitler.  Literally singlehanded, he changed the course of history.

Boris says of Churchill in his book “He had the vast and almost reckless moral courage to see that fighting on would be appalling, but that surrender would be even worse.” It was interesting to hear Boris explain that Churchill called himself “a child of the House of Commons,” and the arguments for and against closer links with Europe were exactly the same then as now.

Like Boris, Churchill was a brilliant communicator. Like Boris, he could appeal to peoples’ emotions, and did, speaking these words to turn the tide, and persuade the country they must stand and fight.  “If this long island story of ours is to end at last, let it end only when each one of us lies choking in his own blood upon the ground.”

Boris’s book, The Churchill Factor is on sale now, already third in the hardback bestseller lists.

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