Why the ferny fronds of the Green Party are strangling Nick Clegg

After beating the Lib Dems in the European elections, the Green Party, dubbed the loopiest party in politics, has gained three points to edge past the LibDems in the polls.  The LibDems are on 7%, the Greens now on 8%, a definite Green resurgence.poisonivyIt is fair comment to say that the most impractical of all the parties is the Green Party.  As Boris Johnson says, they don’t have an aviation policy.  Their knowledge of economics is so sketchy that when listening to their plans, the blood drains from his cheeks.   The tenancy of their one MP at Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas, has been,  to put it kindly, a mixed blessing.

Sometimes, at the London Assembly, they indulge in ruthless behaviour without a qualm.  Green Darren Johnson, when Chairman, thought rules were made to be broken, so broke the rule forbidding heckling with depressing frequency.  Baroness Green Jenny Jones is a Warrior Queen, who takes on all comers so forcefully, she pulled off the unbelievable feat of coming third in the last Mayoral election.

Loopy, wacko, whatever their rivals call them,  they are gaining ground, and I am really not surprised.   They believe in their cause with the fervour of zealots. They are as overwhelming as Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, minus the poison, as invasive as Japanese Knot Weed.  So passionate is their conviction, it is obvious that here at least is a determination that will never falter – to fight for Green ideals, even if we all go broke in the process.

Compared to Nick Clegg, who would turn on a sixpence and dump his own grandmother if there was something in it for him, they are shining examples of devotion to a cause.  Madcap, off the wall, they stand for something that matters, and for that they deserve their success.

Update:  Oh dear, Jenny Jones arrested for interfering in the arrest of an Occupy demonstrator.  (She put her arms round them as they were being arrested.)  Jenny Jones is a lot cuter than people give her credit.  She plays the media like a Stradivarius.  Surely best not to interfere?

Why do Occupy not show caring and check details of their demos beforehand with the police?  The cops risk their lives for us.  They deserve our consideration. Unless you want to make trouble, that is!

One response to “Why the ferny fronds of the Green Party are strangling Nick Clegg

  1. Come off it! Jenny Jones knows exactly what she is doing! As you say, plays the media like a pro!

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