When will the Kardashians realise they have control issues?

Boris Johnson’s kids are fascinated by the Kardashians, revealed the Mayor in an an interview with the Radio Times.  He doesn’t get it, because the Kardashians, the subject of a famous US reality show  are only famous for being famous.  I hardly ever watch the show but for anyone who hasn’t heard of them, this is my take on the Kardashians.kimbootie2Mum Kris and step-dad Bruce are the parents of a beautiful set of kids and they all feature in a reality show of their lives on US TV.

Daughter Kim, the most beautiful of the daughters, has a fantastic bootie.  The scuttlebutt  (ha!)  is that she has had derriere implants.  Kim is married to superstar singer Kanye West.  Kanye is very controlling and obsessively concerned with Kim’s looks, particularly if she gains weight.

Khloe, the second daughter, was married to Lamar, a bad boy.  They are separated, because he was bad, also controlling.  She had a fling with a rapper, but is thinking of going back to Lamar.

Kourtney, also very beautiful, is establishing a modellng career, so might not take part in the reality show anymore.   Kris is pressuring her not to leave.

Bruce, Kris’s second husband, has transgender issues, but his family support him.   His appearance is  becoming more and more feminine. He split from Kris after 23 years of marriage,  (because she is so controlling) but is now dating a Kris lookalike,  (reported in the latest National Enquirer.)   Is this his way of controlling his soon to be ex-wife?

Kris, the mother, is concerned, because so many of her children want to branch out and leave the reality show.  (in an attempt to kontrol her kids, Kris gave them all names beginning with a K).  Her kids have ASSets!  Kim has started the Belfie!   (pics of her bootie)   None of her kids is too smart,  so none of them has yet made the connection between the partnership issues they are all continually struggling with and the fact that they have such a controlling mother.

When the penny finally drops, could this be the basis for a new series of the show, best one ever?  And maybe our Mayor’s children can help him understand the Kardashians by pointing out the similarities between Kris and another controlling Mama?  Try Medea!

3 responses to “When will the Kardashians realise they have control issues?

  1. There is a strange fascination to the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney very very pretty. Very weird family setup though.

  2. Kim has apparently lent her name to a game app, and this will earn her $200m/pa! You’ve got to hand it to the gal – I used to admire Jordan for chutzpah, but that renders her merely “good” lol

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