Cut off all media coverage regarding beheadings! We are handing the media war to Isil

Middle East expert on twitter, @cuzzinharry is also ex Royal Navy and a psychologist.  He describes media coverage of the latest beheading as “unending psychotic voyeurism.”  It is accepted that the beheadings are part of a sick need by Isil for as much media coverage as possible.  Why then are we doing our very best to give them what they want? SKY and BBC tv are giving non-stop coverage to the death of the lastest victim in all its gory detail.   The perpetrators must be loving it.airstrikeThis is an organisation that delights in rape and torture of women.  Rape  victims have described the piles of heads of beheading victims, trampled on by Isil warriors.  Surely the most sensiible thing is to cut off all tv coverage except for a brief announcement,  while highlighting the success of the air strikes.    Newspaper coverage should be restricted to a brief announcement of a few lines.  The families of hostages should be urged not to plead with Isil for the return of their loved ones.  To do so is utterly pointless.

There is the military battle, but  also the psychological warfare.  At the moment, we are handing the media war to Isil on a plate!     Does Fox News ever consider that through the non-stop barrage of criticism against President Obama, they are doing the work of Isil?  Does it ever cross their minds that maybe, through intel,  he knows things they don’t know?  They never have a good word to say for the President, who is undoubtedly trying his hardest in an impossible situation.  Wise up guys, you are losing the media war for America!  I bet Fox is Isil’s favourite channel right now!

Once the air strikes started, it was obvious they were a death sentence for the hostages anyway.  Little publicity might delay further beheadings at best.  Sadly, our only hope is that the location of the hostages is discovered, so they can be rescued. Apart from that, we should present a united front against the enemy, and determine that media-wise we should not give an inch.

2 responses to “Cut off all media coverage regarding beheadings! We are handing the media war to Isil

  1. Thanks Jon! Although this blog is to support Boris Johnson, it is not written by him, and all the ideas in it are my own.

  2. Spot on Boris! Lots of video of air strikes will at least warn anyone wishing to join them what their fate will be. Especially if we make a point of mentioning the female pilots. Might arc things up a bit in the UK, but it will also flush them out.

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