Certain politicians are psychopaths, say psychologists – Blair ticks all the boxes

Controversially, Boris Johnson has repeated his view that Tony Blair needs professional psychiatric help.  Shocking though this may be, it is in line with the view of many respected psychologists. A late night programme on Channel 4 recently on What Makes a Psychopath, listed the likely occupations of psychopaths.  Successful businessmen, surgeons and politicians were the top three on the list.BlairselfiePsychopathy is a psychological condition based on well-established diagnostic criteria.   These include:

  •  lack of remorse and empathy
  • a sense of grandiosity
  • superficial charm
  • conning and manipulative behavior
  • refusal to take responsibility for one’s actions,

Psychopaths are not all the same; particular aspects may predominate in different people. And, although some psychopaths are violent men (and women) with long criminal histories, not all are. It’s important to understand that psychopathic behavior and affect exist on a continuum; there are those who fall into the grey area between “normal” people and true psychopaths.

Presumably, no one would dispute the notion that Hitler and Stalin were psychopaths at the extreme end of the spectrum: completely unconstrained by empathy or guilt and willing to say or do anything to accomplish their goals. This, though, reinforces the perception of psychopaths as out-of-control madmen who are evil to the core. Might there be other, more mainstream political leaders who have psychopathic traits but fall closer to the “normal” range?

In 2003, neuropsychologist Paul Brok argued that Prime Minister Tony Blair was a “plausible psychopath” who was ruthlessly ambitious, egocentric, and manipulative.

We may wish to believe that all people are good at at heart.  According to Polish psychiatrist Andrew M Lobaczewski, this is not true.

After the horrors of the Iraq War, when tens of mllions of men, women and children died, and weapons of mass destruction were proved not to exist,  surely Tony Blair would be so traumatised and guilt ridden by the havoc his policies had wreaked, he would never endorse such action again? But Blair is now advocating boots on the ground action against ISIS!

Told that people would think he is the last person they should listen to, given the experiences following the Iraq invasion in 2003, Mr Blair replied on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “What I say is maybe having been through all of this, having faced these decisions in government and having faced the difficult choices in Iraq after 2003, and when the very type of terrorism that we’re facing today we faced then, maybe it’s worth appreciating the fact that there are lessons I have learnt from the experience of having gone through the process of taking these decisions, of having to deal with the situation in Iraq where, as I say, precisely the same type of terrorist forces we were facing in Iraq in 2006-07 is exactly what we face now in 2014.”

Mr. Blair seems only intent  on redeeming his shattered reputation. He ignores the truth, that it was the policy of George Bush in pursuing oil, which he endorsed and dishonestly forced onto our Parliament that made this country a terror target and caused the Arab Spring and the creation of murderous fanatical organisations such as ISIS.  Mr. Blair doesn’t seem to understand that his actions have made him so reviled, he is banned from ever  playing an influential role in British politics again.

Tony Blair has yet to be clinically diagnosed.  However,  his actions now, after the terrible havoc he created,  indicate that as ever, Boris Johnson is bang on the nail.

Update:  18th February 2017.  Yesterday, Tony Blair made a speech attempting to overturn the decision of the EU Referendum.  His desire for power is still unassuaged.

23 responses to “Certain politicians are psychopaths, say psychologists – Blair ticks all the boxes

  1. If anyone is a psychopath it is Tony Blair. His policy made us a terror target and let to formation of Al Qaeda and Isil, but shameless as ever, he is still dishing out unwanted advice. Shut it, Tony!

  2. Unfortunately they also come across as the sort of people who will “get things done.” The movers and the shakers, who the public service thinks it needs.

  3. It’s very very simply. Tony Blair doesn’t believe in National Self Determination. He believes in “regime change” if you don’t like how another country is run. He’s said this time and time again in interview after interview for years and years so I don’t know why people don’t get it.

  4. Tony spells out his thinking in his autobiography

    “Though Kosovo I came to the view – rightly or, some may think in the light of Iraq, wrongly – that in such an uncertain landscape the only way of finding direction was first to ask some moral questions:
    should this be allowed to happen or not? Should this regime remain in power? Should these people continue to suffer injustice?”


    That’s very very close to “I don’t believe in international law I believe in removing bad governments”. It you read Tony’s speeches carefully two words pop up again and again “regime” and “change”. Of course as a lawyer himself he knows that as a policy “regime change” is clearly illegal under international law. And of course he always caveats it. But basically what he’s trying to do is sell regime change as a policy. To Tony replacing National Self Determination with Regime Change is just like removing Clause IV from the Labour party consititution. Gaitskell might have tried and failed but if only we keep fighting for this policy eventually someone will sell it. The problem is no matter how hard he tried to sell the policy of “regime change” no one was buying it. It’s even in his speech to the house on the September Dossier “There are two other issues with a bearing on this question which I will deal with. First, Afghanistan is a country now freed from the Taliban but still suffering. This is a regime we changed, rightly. I want to make it clear, once again, that we are entirely committed to its reconstruction.” He gave the game away in his interview with Fern Britton where he says even if he knew before the invasion there were no WMD he’s have still have invaded “”I would still have thought it right to remove him. I mean obviously you would have had to use and deploy different arguments, about the nature of the threat.”

    I don’t know if the war was just about oil though. Paul Wolfowitz and the Vulcan PNAC group had clearly had a plan to do something like Iraq for a while. September 11th gave them the political excuse. It’s partly about oil, partly about Israeli paranoia, partly about unilateralist ideology… lots of things. There’s a very good piece here
    by Brendan O’Neill on the origins of Blair’s interventionists policies.

  5. Simon wessely the british psychiatrist is a psychopath his harassment of a journalist for not writing a favorable article on Simon wessely
    his targeting of sick people calling them vile militants.
    his headlines
    Its safer to insult the prophet Mohammad than the armed wing of the ME brigade was written in a newspaper by a friend .

    the Maddox prize given for constant complaints from the public rather than genuine thanks appreciation.
    The fact a prize could be given to counter complaints is dangerous when you consider the public complained on many occasions about Jim ill Savile but those complaints were ignored .
    Jim ill savile got a knighthood despite the fact that most people at the BBC didnt like him along with the public and suspected he was up to no good.

    the fact he is an expert pushing himself onto us rather than our choice of who we want as a representative
    the sense about science M,sddox prize for standing up to us

    ‘ME is no more ‘in the mind’ than MS’ ~ Professor Simon Wessely responds to journalist Sonia Poulton’s article
    Posted on September 26, 2012 by JJ

    Sonia Poulton 21 September at 06:30
    Woke to find a long e-mail from Professor Simon Wessley…for those who don’t know, he is the big State cheese when it comes to ME…for many people his name represents years of their personal misery.

    My recent article on ME, effectively, opposes his stance on the illness and I have been repeatedly warned that I can expect a communication from him…well it came…he says I ‘may be surprised to discover’ that he agrees with most of my article and then he goes on to detail how much of it he actually didn’t like at all.

    sonia poluton a jornalist writes
    Professor Simon Wessely

    He didn’t like me blaming psychiatry for standing in the way of research and treatment…he didn’t like that I didn’t give him credit for his ‘contribution to the debate’ and he most definitely did not like the idea that I say graded exercise is detrimental to the patient…oh no! That did not impress him at all.
    He said it all in a very nice way but it doesn’t take much to pick up the true tone of how someone feels about you…anyway, he invited me to meet him for a coffee to discuss his stance further…I have pointed out to him that I am extremely busy at the moment but I will be back in touch.

    The truth is this…I have done my research, and he knows it, and while as a journalist I should always be prepared to hear the other side of the story (I am) there comes a point when you know what you know and no amount of sharp words can change that

    from http://hanlonblog.dailymail.co.uk

    ME is possibly a mental illness not an infection after all – but that does not mean that it is not real

    Tin hats on. A story about myalgic encephalomyelitis has emerged and, save animal experimentation, I cannot think of another area of science of medicine that arouses such passion. Indeed ‘passion’ may not be the word – ‘hysteria’ may be a better term.

    were is the war have you seen any those vile ME militants recently on the streets or in wheel chairs???????????????????????????????????
    Were are those vile millitants?????????

  6. Simon claims he has retired from ME preferring to work on military health he has not retired from ME research and is still involved

    Exhaustion Then and Now



    Thursday 11 June 2015


    What is exhaustion? Join broadcaster Claudia Hammond for a panel discussion as she explores our changing ideas about both physical and mental exhaustion, with a psychiatrist, a historian and a poet. Anna Katharina Schaffner will chart the forgotten history of exhaustion from classical antiquity to the present day, asking what role exhaustion has played in conditions such as melancholia, burnout, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. Simon Wessely will examine neurasthenia, ancient and modern, and Holly Pester will perform her poetry, asking what performance can teach us about exhaustion.

    Anna Katharina Schaffner, Reader in Comparative Literature, University of Kent
    Simon Wessely, psychiatrist and President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
    Holly Pester, poet and researcher


    Claudia Hammond, Hubbub Associate Director and BBC Radio 4 presenter

    The panellists are collaborating with Hubbub, the first residents of The Hub at Wellcome Collection.

    This event is FREE. Tickets will become available below from 11.00 on Friday 29 May

  7. Mmm! Is Boris right about Blair? Well one might say sometimes it takes one to know one.
    Interesting, and highly predictable, times ahead.
    You might just want to take a look at a Polly Toynbee article in the Guardian from July 2007

  8. I think the last few weeks have shown Boris is a sociopath himself. His desperate ambition is far more important to him than the citizens of this country.

  9. Tony Blair needs to be imprisoned for life maybe 10,000 life sentences could be close. Sadly the death penalty was scrapped as it would have been a fitting sentence for his treason and war crimes against humanity. He is a high scoring psychopath without question ticking every box needed to obtain positive diagnosis. More than ambitious, he is/was damn right dangerous and in fact evil. He isn’t that different from Hitler…just far less obvious and honest than Hitler. He will go down in history as the worst and most hated British prime minister in all of history.

    • Dreadful blot on our history, our soldiers sent to fight with inadequate equipment, brave men died, millions of
      wmen and children in Iraq and Blair says he would do it again.

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