Boris Johnson praised on Fox News for not “cowering in the face of extremism!”

Boris Johnson might have created a huge furore amongst the weak kneed lefties this side of the pond, by insisting on strong action to prevent extremism and radicalisation, but his red blooded attitude is being praised to the skies on US Fox TV.borisfoxHe has a long list of admirers on US TV, and the Independent reports: “In the London Mayor’s most recent newspaper column, he said that British citizens who travel to “war areas” such as Iraq and Syria should be presumed possible terrorists until they can prove themselves innocent.

Johnson’s call for a tougher stance to deal with British extremists came after a video last week showed a suspected  Islamic State (Isis) militant from the UK killing the US journalist James Foley.

It’s this stance by Johnson that caught the attention of Greg Gutfeld, a host on Fox News’ The Five show, who praised the London Mayor for not cowering in the face of extremism.

“Why is he freaking out? Because smart people should freak out! Up to 3,000 Isis fighters could be Brits, meaning they have passports and can come back,” Gutfeld said, before going on to criticise US President Barack Obama for his inaction in dealing with Isis’ spread across Iraq and Syria.

“Obama should get his head out of his golf bag or get out of town… It’s time to dispense with political correctness and get over being nice. Nice equals death. Especially for us as more extremists with passports can come here without a visa,” Gutfeld added

Gutfield goes on to argue that Americans “must follow Boris”.  “He may have crazy hair, but underneath it is a mind that knows the holy war has begun and finishing it requires ending the politeness.”  Although Boris’s response is not quite so blood thirsty, I am sure the US enthusiasm for his ideas is appreciated.

Top Met Chief, respected cop Bernard Hogan Howe also backs Boris Johnson’s tough stance,  as do Middle East experts on twitter, @cuzzinharry and @COLRICHARDKEMP who fought in the Falklands and Afghanistan.

2 responses to “Boris Johnson praised on Fox News for not “cowering in the face of extremism!”

  1. Fox News was pretty scathing about the time the President spends on the golf course.

  2. jenniferjuniper

    Boris might not like the extreme views of Fox News in their entirety, but good to know the American people back his no nonsense stance on terrorism and radicalisation.

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