As Hamas flaunt 18 video murders, is it still all Israel’s fault, Jon Snow?

At first, because of the biased reporting of the BBC  and Channel 4’s Jon Snow, Hamas, in spite of all the facts, won the media war hands down.  Israel were branded child murderers, with no right on their side.  A wave of anti-semitic attacks swept Europe.hamasexecutionsNow a rather different aspect of the war has grabbed the headlines.  The US journalist, James Foley, was brutally butchered on video by Jihadist John, of IS.   Recent photographs show Hamas vying in cruelty with IS, about to slaughter 18 collaborators who oppose their regime, including two women, on air.

What comment from Jon Snow of Channel 4?  Still all totally Israel’s fault, is it Jon? And you have yet to answer the question, why if Hamas are so traumatised by the deaths of their women and children, do they simply not stop firing rockets into Israel?

Meanwhile we are forced to reflect that when Boris Johnson wrote that we should not fund the Syrian rebels hoping to benefit from Western arms, ( including IS)  he was chided by William Hague!

Boris’s argument that we would be “pressing weapons into the hands of maniacs” was denied by Hague, who insisted they weren’t ruling out the option of arming the Syrian rebels as yet.  Even Putin,  whose nation provides arms to the Assad regime, criticised the Prime Minister for considering arming rebels who “eat the organs” of their enemies.

Hague supported Obama and Syrian Jihadist rebels, to fight Assad. Even, after AlQaeda, who morphed into IS, had taken over!

Is it too much to expect our ex-Foreign Secretary to check out the danger from ISIS first?  And as for Jon Snow, his tear drenched, unbalanced interviews blaming Israel  for absolutely everything look a bit silly now.

Update:  Philip Hammond announced on the BBC News this evening that he had discussed the feasibility of backing Assad with the US, and they had both decided against it.  Assad.  So matters have gone full circle, and we are right back where we started, running around like headless chickens.

One response to “As Hamas flaunt 18 video murders, is it still all Israel’s fault, Jon Snow?

  1. jenniferjuniper

    Jon Snow was acting in a totally irresponsible way and now the true nature of events in Gaza and Syria is coming to light. He should apologise.

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