Child abuse inquiry kicked into the long grass as Butler-Sloss resigns

The scope of the child abuse inquiry is so wide, it is likely to take two years before a verdict is reached,  was the common view in the media.  Today, the Daily Express informed us:  “It’s not just the illegal activities of MPs and peers that will be scrutinised, the inquiry panel will also consider potential wrongdoing in the BBC, the NHS, the church, MI5, charities, the judiciary, councils and political parties.”  Thousands of witnesses could be called, said the Home Secretary.batteredchildThere is such strong feeling about these revelations, why can’t the MPs and peers part of the inquiry be handled now, separately,  and the facts investigated, as the Express suggests, by professional investigators, not well meaning amateurs? The public is sick of being fobbed off.

The  rationale is probably that to investigate this now would taint the General Election.  The danger is that moral outrage will grow.  Shoving this under the carpet could be fatally damaging to a view of politicians that is becoming more sickened,  jaundiced and disillusioned by the day.

Update:  Butler-Sloss was behind a controversial paedo ruling.

The brother of Butler-Sloss was accused of a coverup.

It is claimed that Baroness Butler-Sloss kept details of an Anglican Bishop out of the public domain.

There is also scandal about the husband of Baroness Butler-Sloss and possible links with child prostitutes.

After less than a week,  Baroness Butler-Sloss has resigned, as Theresa May faces a select committee to explain herself.

5 responses to “Child abuse inquiry kicked into the long grass as Butler-Sloss resigns

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  2. What is this to do with child abuse though?

  3. “Dafydd was dragged through the streets of Shrewsbury attached to a horse’s tail then hanged alive, revived, then disembowelled and his entrails burned before him for “his sacrilege in committing his crimes in the week of Christ’s passion”, and then his body cut into four quarters “for plotting the king’s death”. Geoffrey of Shrewsbury was paid 20 shillings for carrying out the gruesome task on 3 October 1283 (though some sources give the date as 2 October).”

  4. Political dynamite I am sure, and potentially damaging in an election. But Labour also involved. Surely this is too serious to be shoved under the carpet. There is huge moral outrage, we need answers and a proper investigation.

    • It is deeply upsetting and any politician that dared tackle this would earn the admiration of voters.

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