The horoscope of Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, was born on 3rd April 1964, at 4.30 pm. Click on chart below to enlarge.faragechartIt might come as a bit of blow to his rivals to discover that astrologically, Nigel Farage is quite a lucky chap!  He has a stellium in Aries, a cluster of planets all in one sign.  Nigel’s stellium includes Jupiter, the planet of good fortune.  This probably accounts for his overwhelming ebullience and self-belief.

His Sun and Moon are both in Fire signs, a combination indicating a sunny and optimistic nature.  It also indicates an essential truthfulness.  Whatever, his faults, Mr. Farage is not a liar.  Tactless , foot in the mouth, maybe.  But he is naturally truthful, even if this means he is prone to blurting out things better left unsaid.

Mars, the planet that shows how we go about getting what we want, is also in reckless Aries.  Positively, this indicates a love of risk taking, and the ability to actively take his chances.  The downside is he is accident prone, and  unless he is careful, can overreach. So many planets in Aries can also indicate impatience, and a hot temper, although he is unlikely to hold a grudge.

He has no planets in Air, not one!   This could mean he has a problem with thinking things through.  This the chart of the man of action, a doer, rather than a thinker, an instinctive strategist, who outplays his opponents through the boldness of his initiatives, rather than thinking several moves ahead.

Two planets in Taurus, Mercury and Pluto, indicate an old fashioned streak,  he is stuck in the past, and finds it hard to look forward. If he has prejudices, he would not give them up easily.

This is not the chart of a nasty person.  There is a slightly childlike element to Nigel, that manages to get him out of scrapes.  His overwhelming desire to boast and show off is  a pitfall, as is his ability to promise the earth, when he can’t deliver.  His excellent communication skills (a Virgo Midheaven, amongst other things) enable him to talk his way out trouble.  His Moon in Sagittarius makes him an adept at playing his mistakes for laughs. It is also a sign of optimism and sincerity.

All the boasting and the bragging and the talking things up encourage his enemies to write him off as a serious threat, but that bold Mars in Aries has caught them on the hop twice already. Mars in Aries can be the sign of the bully, but doesn’t have to be.

During the debates with Nick Clegg, his genuine sincerity, he really does believe in his cause, came through on camera and won the day. Whether Nigel Farage will go further or will he crash and burn, is anyone’s guess.   But with a stellium that includes the  Sun,  Mars and Jupiiter, you can never write him off.

UPDATE:  Nigel is now the best bud of the most powerful man in the workd, the new Prez. Elect, Donald Trump.  That self belief is carrying him far!

3 responses to “The horoscope of Nigel Farage

  1. AttillatheHun

    Naaaa! He’ll crash and burn…… takes too many risks, Cameron already stitching him up.

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