Ed Miliband visibly twitching as the ladies of GMB have him for breakfast

When she interviewed Ed Miliband this morning, Susanna Reid showed why she is paid a huge salary on Good Morning Britain, and sidekick Charlotte also shone.  Ed was probably expecting an easy ride at he faced the two gorgeous presenters, but it soon became obvious their looks were the least of their talents.edstunnedWith a composure Paxo would have envied, they fired pertinent questions at Ed with a determination that left the Labour leader reeling.  Ed claimed” the cost of living crisis is the biggest issue our country faces and I  am determined we tackle it.” But he was put on the spot on how much it costs to feed a family of four.   He responded weakly “It depends on how much you want to spend.”

When asked what his own family’s bill was per week, asset millionaire Ed said it was £70 to £80 a week.  (His wife also earns a healthy whack.) Charlotte then told him the average shop for four was £100 a week. Ed’s facial contortions became positively alarming as he clocked on he was in line for a major duffing up.

Taken to task over zero hour contracts,  Ed tried to brush aside the question by saying there should be rule changes but Susanna continually pressed the ethics of Labour MPs using the contracts.  Other questions included “Now that the economy is picking up, shouldn’t you drop the cost of living question in favour of something else”, and once Susanna got onto the question of Ed’s unsuitability as leader, he was visibly twitching.

Susanna and Charlotte operated like a well rehearsed tag team, hitting him with questions in graceful rotation, and the tone of the interview was one of cool professionalism.  Outstanding.  More please!

2 responses to “Ed Miliband visibly twitching as the ladies of GMB have him for breakfast

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  2. AttillatheHun

    He did look poleaxed, then he started pulling all sorts of funny faces.

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