How Labour scapegoated Lady Thatcher and rewrote history

The unexpected death of unionist Bob Crow was greeted with generous tributes from all sides.  Resentments were forgotten in the shock of his death at a mere 52 years of age and only the good remained.  Bob’s  older, Tory voting brother, a city trader, was clearly distraught, as he stammered his affectionate memories of the “little rascal” who had teased and blackmailed him as a kid.truthminesIt is impossible not to compare this response to the response when Lady Thatcher died.  The pain of the death of this incredibly brave woman was made unbearable for anyone who loved her by the taunts of the left.  It must have been agony for her family.

During a recent session of Mayor’s Question Time, Assembly member Tom Copley, Labour’s Housing spokesman,  came up with some interesting information. Tom said he was ashamed that Lady Thatcher had built more houses in one year than 13 years of New Labour government.

Research proved that Tom is right.  Independent fact checking organisation Ful Fact reported:  “This is correct. The official data shows that the Blair and Brown governments built 7,870 council houses (local authority tenure) over the course of 13 years. (If we don’t include 2010 – the year when David Cameron became PM – this number drops to 6,510.) Mr Copley has contrasted this figure with the record of Mrs Thatcher’s government, which never built fewer than 17,710 homes in a year.”

It is honest of Tom Copley to reveal these facts. (and makes it even more reprehensible that when Lady Thatcher died, Ken Livingstone lied ” She didn’t build any houses.”)  Looking at it another way, New Labour built an average of 562 council houses per year. And Mrs Thatcher’s Conservatives? 41,343!

The truth about mine closures should also be told.  By the time the Tories came into power in 1970, two thirds of the mines had already been closed.  Only 300 mines remained, a fall of two thirds in 25 years.   Labour cravenly dumped responsibility for mine closures onto Maggie, and two faced Harold Wilson got off scot free.

It is about time that Labour stopped making Lady Thatcher the scapegoat for all their  shortcomings.  Her death was mourned globally and history will clear her name of the vile slurs heaped upon her by cowards.

10 responses to “How Labour scapegoated Lady Thatcher and rewrote history

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  10. Labour should not be allowed to get away with this. Ken Livingstone blatantly lying, “She didn’t build any houses”, after Lady Thatcher died. He should be ashamed.

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