Emily Thornberry should catch hell from Ed Miliband for her sexist behaviour

On the BBC Sunday Politics Show, Labour MP Emily Thornberry had already embarrassed herself by loudly trying to talk down everybody else, including Tim Donovan.   The show is on air on a Sunday morning, but Emily, with a lascivious smirk,  thought it appropriate to start talking about Boris Johnson’s w….emilythornberryDid it occur to Emily that she was indulging in precisely the sort of imappropriate sexist behaviour that Labour women are always screaming about to men?  Suppose David Cameron or indeed, Boris Johnson had said on air “You just want to get your t…s out!” or “You just want to flash your f……”  Can you imagine the huge furore, the hysteria, the acres of print devoted to damaged feelings,  the independent judge led inquiry that Ed would insist on calling, that would drag on for months, at vast public expense?

Why do Labour women go  ballistic at the slightest hint of sexism from male MPs, while indulging in the worst type of such behaviour themselves?  Female Labour MPs insist on equality ad nauseam with men.    That means behaving properly to the same standards they would insist on from men.  Emily Thornberry cannot expect to have a free ride on this and if he is any sort of a leader, Ed Miliband should give Emily has a severe dressing down after she has been made to apologise to our Mayor.  This incident has shown she is absolutely unsuited to be an MP.

4 responses to “Emily Thornberry should catch hell from Ed Miliband for her sexist behaviour

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  2. All she will catch off Ed is a chuckle, that man is no leader but when politicians reach these depths they are in the wrong job. Maybe she should move into ‘Benefits Street’.

    • Disgusting way to behave! She was showing off, she kept talking over everyone then got into discussing Boris Johnson’s willy. if a man had said to her “You just want to flash your f……” she would have gone mental.

      Ed may have loads of women on the front bench, what use is that if they are this badly behaved and stupid?

    • She has made an absolute fool of herself.

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