Mary Poppins image shatters for good as Tessa Jowell loses cool in Guardian interview

tessajowellTessa Jowell was backed by Tony Blair when her husband David Mills came under investigation by Italian authorities who suspected him of corruptly receiving £340,000 from Silvio Berlusconi.  Her explanation that she had no knowledge of the alleged wrongdoing of her husband was accepted by the PM.  The couple separated, but are now reconciled.  Some newspapers have termed the accusations the ‘Jowellgate’ scandal.

But in an astonishing interview with the Labour supporting Guardian last week, Tessa Jowell went into meltdown during an interview meant to support her aspirations to replace Boris Johnson.  Decca Aitkenhead described Jowell’s responses as a pitch for “I’m not dodgy.”  Decca called her a “broken model” and suggested her tears over the split with husband David Mills were fake.  The Mary Poppins image shattered for good as Tessa Jowell spewed a string of foul mouthed oaths that included four F….,s the word a….hole, s….. and also the word “penis”.

The Daily Mail reported:  “‘Those a******es are so f****** rancid that I just hope every morning they wake up and think, ‘‘I’m ashamed of the job I do.   To say that somehow I got up one morning and thought, ‘‘You know what I’m going to do today, I think I’m going to separate from my husband?’’ F*** off.

‘There was a toerag who slept in his little white van outside my house for six days… and for five days I was intimidated. And then I was coming out to go to the gym at eight o’clock on a Saturday morning, and there he was with his f******, you know, penis-like lens, waving out of the window. I banged on the roof of his minivan and I said, ‘‘You f*** off out of here in ten minutes or I’m calling the police.”’

The job of mayor involves handling a great deal of pressure, as well as a budget of billions.  Boris Johnson has been the subject of several vicious and extended smear campaigns on twitter, involving completely false allegations.  He has handled these with good natured equanimity and come up smelling of roses.  During the deeply unpleasant Eddie Mair interview, Boris certainly looked uncomfortable at times – he was expecting questions on Mayoral policy – but aware of his innocence, he responded courteously throughout. Afterwards, polling proved his popularity was greater than before.

If Tessa cracks and falls apart every time she is under pressure, this certainly does not bode well for her Mayoral aspirations.     Labour has yet to field a viable successor to replace the irreplaceable, hugely popular Mayor we already have.

11 responses to “Mary Poppins image shatters for good as Tessa Jowell loses cool in Guardian interview

  1. The budget of this city is as large as that of many small countries. It is therefore essential that a) any Mayor of London is financially squeaky clean, untainted by any scandal and b) the Mayor can take pressure because the pressures of the job are considerable. Tony Blair backed Mrs. Jowell over “Jowellgate”. However, the Guardian newspaper, a leftwing paper, clearly has doubts that Mrs. Jowell knew nothing.

    Tessa Jowell didn’t handle questioning on the subject well. This is likely to damage her Mayoral ambitions.

  2. Lots of people find Tessa syrupy and insincere. And they are dubious about her claim that she knew nothing of the way her mortgage was paid off, and found it fishy how she got back with her husband.

    She may be charismatic, but the London budget is billions. You need to continually make decisions under pressure, the way she blew up under questioning is a very bad sign. We need someone as Mayor who financially is squeaky clean and doesn’t talk a load of cobblers about women being without sin. Utterly stupid.

    • As I’m not currently resident in London (though with an eye on Wimbledon!), I don’t think It’s appropriate for me to comment.

      What I will say is that we need offices of state backed up with an enforcer capability – we have too many patsy politicos

      • Exactly how I would describe Tessa Jowell, a patsy politico, she backed Ed Miliband’s lies over Red Ken.

  3. Although I haven’t actually met Tessa, I have formed an option of her from various sources. Her syrupy image isn’t convincing, nor is her assumption that women are angels, who can do no wrong.

    On BBC Question Time, she said women would never be greedy and ruthless like the bankers, what absolute bollocks. Women lie, cheat and steal, they exploit the vulmerable too, just like men do.

  4. Who can understand the heart of a woman? But I never believed the sugary, mumsy image in the first place. Tessa Jowell blatantly lied with Ed Miliband to say all the wrong doing of KenLivingstone was Tory smears. Big fat fibs. And Ken Livingstone turned on the Jewish community to play them off against the Muslims. Absolutely disgusting, and Tessa backed that too. Hardly Mary Poppins…..

  5. I could never understand Tessa (a “very nice woman”) running off with that dodgy toe-rag when there were, (ahem), alternatives, available at the time

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