Boris Johnson is embraced by the Jewish community at Chanukah

A ceremony at Trafalgar Square celebrated Chanukah with the lighting of the Menorah,  and a large and excited crowd gathered to hear the good wishes of our Mayor for the Jewish community.chanakahNever have I heard such a graceful, heartfelt and witty introduction of our Mayor.  “Our fearless Maccabee, our multi-ethnic Mayor, beloved help, a shining light…..”   and Boris was so touched, he practically jet propelled into space with the force of his enthusiasm.

Trafalgar Square explained the Mayor proudly, has the biggest Menorah in Europe.  Let’s face it, there is no way that ebullient Boris is going to let any European country have a bigger Menorah than he has.   Last year he wanted to be airlifted to the top of the Menorah to light it by hand.   Sadly he was foiled by Health and Safety.

The message of our Mayor for Chanukah was “Care for each other.  Give to the poor.  We are blessed that London business is once again booming and investment is flooding into the capital.  Through this, we can care for the needy and bear up those in sorrow.”

As I, a Gentile, had donuts generously pressed into my hands, and kisses smacked on my cheeks by strangers, I had to agree with the Mayor, the Jewish community in London is the warmest and most generous in Europe.

3 responses to “Boris Johnson is embraced by the Jewish community at Chanukah

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  2. Boris was indeed wonderful. Who was that fantastic choir ? Any details ?

    • The singing and music were fantastic, I wish I did have details, will try to find out. Speeches were so inspiring, a truly passionate and spiritual experience.

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