Media expert describes Boris Johnson as the King of sizzle, with box office appeal

borischina7Boris Johnson arranged a trade mission to China, (then at the last minute,  George Osborne decided to tag along.)  Laura Shields, a senior associate of The Mind Coach, a body that trains people in social media has analysed his performance on BBC radio.

Laura says:  ” Speaking on the BBC’s World at One, Boris Johnson, was his usual box office self. There really is no other word for it.”  She speaks of his “outstanding rhetorical gifts” and has dubbed him “the King of Sizzle”: he has the outstanding ability to come up with quotable language. She speaks with admiration of his ability to “pick up a metaphor and run with it”, how he can glide into story telling mode, only to pull statistics believably out of the air to meld smoothly into a glorious whole.

The tone of the interview was ideal, blending sincerity with his familiar jovial style. “When he gets it right,” Laura concludes, “he really is the master  and he has created an international profile for himself well beyond the one his position commands. And he manages to make it sound effortless too.”

As a politician, Boris is the acknowledged master of the media, with unmatchable gifts as a communicator, but he has another even more powerful weapon.  His charisma and star quality are so powerful, few can withstand it.  Once again, in far off Peking, as soon as he set foot in the place, he was mobbed.

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