Revenge of the Fat Berg! Huge lumps of rancid fat and wet wipes are blocking our sewers….

Update:  Sept. 11th.  EEKKK!  It is growing!  The Fat Berg has ballooned into the size of three blue whales, this monster is lurking in our sewers…  It looks like some horror movie.  How astonished were the engineers investigating floods from Kingston sewer?  The problem turned out to be a massive lump of rancid fat, sanitary products and wet wipes, the size of a bus, blocking the sewer!   Eeuuggww!fatlump

The monster weighed 15 tons and will take 6 weeks to disperse, using high power hoses to break down the lump!   There was only 5% of sewage space left, raw sewage was about to flood Kingston.  Deep in our drains, rats are hanging themselves! This horror has done serious damage to Kingston sewers,  pity the poor men having to sort this out, every one an unsung hero!  55,000 blockages have to be cleared each month, costing £12 million a year. If you touch the vile mass, getting rid of the odour takes weeks!

This is a passionate plea, mundane though the subject, please take care what you throw down your loo!  Never dispose of wet wipes that way, or sanitary products, nor cooking oil, these things do not disperse in water, and will end up doing huge damage.  Unless we all use our heads, clogged up sewers will end up overflowing and particularly in hot weather, this isn’t funny.  Please please be careful what you put down your drains!

7 responses to “Revenge of the Fat Berg! Huge lumps of rancid fat and wet wipes are blocking our sewers….

  1. This will be a new subject to me – when I think about I do tend to put stuff which won’t obviously disappear into the wheelie bin, but I ain’t an expert!

  2. Excellent blog,
    Still think an advertising campaign would help.
    Some people won’t care, but I’m sure a lot people don’t realise the damage they do. Would be cheaper than clearing the mess up. Plus with Boris’s high profile it would get massive publicity. 😀
    In countryside of N.Ireland, it’s all septic tanks so you HAVE to think about what goes into it. Get fines otherwise.

    • Thanks Nessie! Appreciate your praise, for some reason, loads of people reading this, lots of clicks, amazing what people like, because the subject is quite disgusting! haha

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