Women are no angels, Tessa Jowell, they lie, cheat, steal and exploit young kids too

Tessa Jowell was doing women no favours in declaring on BBCQT this week that women would never behave as badlyor be so greedy as bankers or alpha males on the trading floor.  They might not be so upfront about it, but I believe there are just as  many greedy women in the world, ruthless women, exploitative  women. Female crooks are more low key, but does that make it any better?  Few men are as relentless in avoiding paying their taxes as the Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley. How many men are as extravagant and downright greedy as Imelda Marcos?

Teacher Catherine Rayne

Teacher Catherine Rayne

The one outstandingly successful woman in British politics, as Boris Johnson pointed out on BBCQT was Lady Thatcher, and she had more drive, guts and balls than any man in her Cabinet. Oddly, she is not praised by Labour feminists, such as Tessa and Harriet Harman, and was even disgracefully impugned after her death by Labour’s Glenda Jackson.

No doubt the feminists will condemn the irresponsible and corrupt behaviour of teacher Jeremy Forrest as exclusively male.  They forget the female teachers who have been banned from working with children ever again, because they exploited their pupils. A 35 year old female teacher has been banned from working with kids because from 2009, she harassed a 15 year old boy, who was her pupil for a relationship.  Teacher Catherine Rayne messaged the 15-year-old pupil dozens of times and made clear that she wanted to be ‘romantically involved’.  The boy’s father complained to the school and she received a formal warning, but in spite of this, she still persisted, texting him hundreds of times a day and inviting him round to her house.

In 2011, a 20 year old woman was charged with the statutory rape of a 13 year old boy, the little brother of a friend of hers.  In 2010, a 37 year old supply teacher admitted seducing and having sex with two fifteen year old boys.

And yet women continue to get an easy ride.  As recently as 23rd March of this year, Justice Minister Helen Grant sparked fury by claiming most women only commit crimes because they are “highly vulnerable”.  She suggested female crooks are not really to blame for their bad actions — and plans to send fewer of them to jail.  It’s not that I don’t, to a certain extent agree with her, I actually do.  But why is the same understanding and compassion not extended to male criminals, who embark on a path of crime because they have suffered?  Why is it never accepted men are vulnerable too?

 Men are too proud to admit they can be victims, too proud to show when they are in pain.  That’s the only real difference between men and women, Tessa Jowell.

12 responses to “Women are no angels, Tessa Jowell, they lie, cheat, steal and exploit young kids too

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  2. Female pedophiles are far more common than you think. It has nothing to do with male pride. In the U.K, a 1992 conference by a children’s charity group dealing with victims of female perpetrators was viciously attacked by feminist groups.

    Have you noticed that when such cases are reported in the press they are deliberately minimized or sometimes even sarcastic? This is disgusting and inhuman.

    Anyway, a huge review of several decades of data exists here: http://nomereape.tumblr.com/post/58619677545/criminology-review-sexual-abuse-of-children-by

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  4. I know a lot of young boys would think it would great, but from the teacher’s point of view, it is an abuse of trust.

  5. It is somehow even worse when we see female teachers exploiting their pupils sexually, that teacher Rayne, is a voracious sexual predator.

    • Anyway, I’m still “never going back to my old school” (Steely Dan) Getting exploited by an experienced mature woman was one of the fantasies of my adolescence


      On the other hand, she might have turned out to be Heller Torren

  6. I’m afraid you’re right, female villains exist, and women can be very vicious and downright unreasonable

    However their bike sheds and first year classrooms smell nothing like so foul and repulsive

    • Leon, men are just as vulnerable and get just as hurt as women, it’s just they would die rather than show it. What about women who deliberately get pregnant to trap and exploit men, that goes on all the time? Female thieves and crooks are just more low key. And Leona Helmsley was one of the biggest tax avoiders of them all.

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