Labour journos hit the roof at news that the majority of Labour voters in London are backing Boris

Labour journalists are clearly cut to the quick at the news in a new YouGov poll that 55% of Labour voters in London approve of Boris Johnson.  Decent Labour members cannot and do not deny that Bojo is doing a great job.  Sadly, certain Labour journalists are not so honest.borisandken3

Before his demise, Ken Livingstone had an approval rating in the 50% range and this is now being touted by Labour as identical to the popularity achieved by Boris.  Not so.  Boris has won the hearts of 55% of LABOUR voters, a far greater achievement, and one that proves his abililty has cross party appeal.   When did Ken ever achieve that with the Tories?

It amazes me that Labour journalists, astute in many ways, have this blind spot regarding Red Ken.  Years ago, Ken had fire, passion, something to say, so much so that at one time, I voted for him, admiring his independent thinking. In the last two mayoral elections, Ken was up against an unbeatable candidate, but his behaviour was also beyond the pale.  Playing communities off against each other. Palling up with extremists, when as Mayor he should know better.

Spending public funds like they were in his own personal piggy bank.  Slagging off bankers for tax avoidance, while doing the same, thereby proving himself a hypocrite.   Worst of all, the brazen, compulsive lying.  Labour journalists should chuck the rose coloured specs.   Ken Livingstone turned to the dark side, people aren’t fools and he was the architect of his own destruction.

5 responses to “Labour journos hit the roof at news that the majority of Labour voters in London are backing Boris

  1. It is very hard to understand why journalists who are perceptive on other issues, are so blind when it comes to Ken Livingstone. He did terrible things, as you say.

  2. AttillatheHun

    Ken Livingstone was an appalling candidate, I don’t know why anybody voted for him, let alone the number that did!

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