Like Jay Gatsby, Boris Johnson has “an extraordinary gift for hope”

Here, from The Great Gatsby,  is Scott F Fitzgerald’s introduction to Jay Gatsby:
[Carraway, narrating] “I wanted no more riotous excursions with privileged glimpses into the human heart. Only Gatsby, the man who gives his name to this book, was exempt from my reaction–Gatsby, who represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

If personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures, then there was something gorgeous about him, some heightened sensitivity to the promises of life, as if he were related to one of those intricate machines that register earthquakes ten thousand miles away. This responsiveness had nothing to do with that flabby impressionability which is dignified under the name of the “creative temperament”–it was an extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic readiness such as I have never found in any other person and which it s not  likely I shall ever find again. ” 

Renowned as a politician  for his upbeat and optimistic nature, Boris Johnson exudes the belief that whatever the problem, there is always hope and there is no way we are not going to get out of trouble.  However bad the problem, nobody can doubt that if there is a solution, he is going to find it.

In the new Star Trek movie, Captain Kirk is summoned with Spock to see the Star Fleet Commander.  He immediately thinks he is about to be promoted, when actually he is about to get the sack.  He is relieved of his command because he acted on his own initiative and broke the cardinal unbreakable law, the Prime Directive, to save Spock’s life. He is relieved of the Enterprise and Spock is shipped off to work for another Captain.  With typical panache, 10 minutes later, Kirk has deduced the motives of the evil Khan, breezily insisted he gets his command back, is reinstated and has arranged for Spock to be reinstated, so they can track down the enemy together.  This is Boris all over, snatching victory time and time again from the jaws of defeat.

If our Mayor has ever had a setback in his career, and okay, there have been one or two, they have only spurred him on to greater achievement.  His faith in his star is unshakeable and he is a never ending source of bright ideas designed to improve the fortunes of London and this country.  With Boris, it truly is a case of boldly going where no man has gone before.  That priceless gift for hope, while others are dropping all around him,  is bearing him up on the unstoppable crest of a wave.

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