The facts show that UKIP are only doing as well as the Green Party

In the rush of euphoria, bigging up and spin that is clouding the truth about UKIP, we could almost imagine Nigel Farage is getting ready to march into No. 10 Downing Street.  And they don’t take scrutiny too well  either.  If the truth about UKIP is pointed out in the media, Nigel Farage blusters that it is all a smear campaign.nigelfarage

With no intention to smear UKIP, may I simply point out some facts.  The Green Party started in 1985, UKIP was formed in 1993.  That is a difference of 8 years.  The Greens have two London Assembly members, Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson.   UKIP have no members in the London Assembly.  Even the BNP at one time had a London Assembly member, UKIP has never managed it.

The Greens have one MP, Caroline Lucas, the Green Party leader.  UKIP has no MPs in Parliament.

In 2009. UKIP had 9 councillors in local council elections, and they have gained a lot more this time, they have 107 seats.  The Green Party has 122 councillors so far.

Several members of the Green Party are well known to the public, Jenny Jones, Caroline Lucas, Darren Johnson are all well known, active Green Party members.  UKIP is a one man band.  It is also fair to say they are a one issue party, although the same accusation has been levelled at the Green Party.

The Green Party has never been tainted with accusations of homophobia or racism, they are squeaky clean and supportive of LGBT issues.  The party has also never been accused of sexism, like UKIP.  The Green Party would never advocate a return to smoking, as a free choice, they recognise the danger of passive smoking, which UKIP refuses to do.

The main difference between the Green Party and UKIP is UKIP’s bumptious leader,  Nigel Farage, who loves to blow his own trumpet. Each small gain is exaggerated to the utmost degree.  Farage is a showman, he loves to hog the airwaves, there is no crime of course in being a good salesman, but we should recognise him for what he is. He has given UKIP momentum.  He  cracks up his party as though it is on the verge of storming Westminster.   The truth is, there is a very very long way to go before that happens.

UPDATE:  Ukip member Malcolm Latarche has this to say. “Before Thursday the greens had a total of 122 representatives on local government at all levels and UKIP only 24.

The Greens’ 122 included 17 at county council level which increased by 5 on thursday. So they now have a total of 127 representatives.

UKIP’s figure of 24 included 8 county councillors and this has increased by 139 to 147 which means that their total of local representatives is now 163.

So Greens are now trailing UKIP by 36 representatives.”

I stick by my argument that the fact that the Greens have an MP in Westminster and two London Assembly members means they are more acceptable in the mainstream and they are roughly on the same level as UKIP.

26 responses to “The facts show that UKIP are only doing as well as the Green Party

  1. Malcolm, you could be totally fabricating those figures. I agree, where is the proof?

  2. UKIP have no MPs in Parliament and are clearly jittery when talking about that subject. Their policies do not bear scrutiny, but they claim credit for everything. They do have a lot of MEPS, but that is their one policy.

  3. Malcolm Latarche

    At the last General Election its true that the Greens managed to have one MP elected but the BNP had four times as many votes nationwide and UKIP ten times as many. Local success in a very small part of the country does not mean universal popularity.

    • AttillatheHun

      Can you give a link to the stats. you are quoting, I find your remarks hard to believe.

      • Malcolm Latarche

        Apologies for the wrong figures they were an incorrect recollection of an early part of the count in 2010.

        The actual figures were:-
        Greens 265,243 = 0.9% of vote
        BNP 564,321 = 1.9% of vote
        UKIP 919,471 = 3.1% of vote

        The three main parties share was
        Conservative 36.1%
        Labour 29%
        Lib Dems 23%

    • Where is link to these figures? That isn’t proof at all.

      • Malcolm Latarche

        I find it rather sad that a blog aiming to be political doesn’t know where to find the results of a past UK General Election,
        You could try typing “General Election results 2010” in google and you will find links to both Wikipedia and the BBC where the figures are displayed.
        If you were inclined to search through the figures at the Electoral commissions website you might also find them there.

    • You are making claims, it is up to you to substantiate those claims. You have still not done that, I am asking you for a proper link.

    • So in spite of having over 500 candidates, none of them was elected? That’s not very good. Greens might have less candidates, but they did win a seat!
      In the Mayoral elections, Green Jenny Jones came third and she put up a fantastic battle. the Mayor commended her 3 times. Where were UKIP?

      In view of all the fuss they make, UKIP should be doing much better, they have been going for 20 years. The Greens have more solid achievements to show in that time. UKIP are a one policy one man band, it is all about Farage. He is clever at PR and good in the media, but whether that translates nationally has a huge question mark over it.

      • Malcolm Latarche

        So they didn’t get an MP elected, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that more than three times the number of people found their views more attractive than the greens. And clearly becoming even more so. as the figures for Thursday show.

    • Malcolm, I have updated my blog to include the latest facts on the council elections as you presented them.

      However, I stick to my argument. The Greens and UKIP are roughly on level pegging. The Greens have an MP and two London Assembly members. Green Jenny Jones was third in the last Mayoral election, a great achievement.

      Nigel Farage could have stood as an MP for Eastleigh, but he ducked out. That shows he has doubts about the success of UKIP on a national level.

    • Malcolm, voters hate the EU and are worried about immigration. If the Tories act on these things, UKIP will be wiped out. No-one can take from them that they have achieved a momentum because they have tuned in to these issues. But that is not the same as a solid base and acceptable policies.

      UKIP could be blown away as easily as they have sprung up. The EU has made them and the EU could break them, they could be gone tomorrow

      • Malcolm Latarche

        My own political journey from my first votes in the early 1970s has been from far left to UKIP. Who I now find represent more of my views than any other party.
        I agree that most UK voters want out of EU and an end to uncontrolled immigration. Add in some other things such as all this climate change nonsense that needs to be dumped and you actually find a party taht represents teh true spirit of the UK (and I mean UK not just England).

        Moreover, UKIP’s appeal is beyond that. I do not care for career politicians of any party colour and want to see a return to times when politicians had previous experience of real life. UKIP, as a new party offers that chance while none of the big three do being stuffed full of people who have never known anything other than politics since leaving school/uni.

        Maybe there should be a referendum on limiting any politician’s carrer to just two terms at any particular level and a combined total of four terms at all levels.

    • All the reasons you give are why I support Boris Johnson. He is the best and should be PM.

  4. You forgot to mention the fact that the Greens have two MEPs and that UKIP only have….oh….hang on….better ignore that fact.

    • As soon as voters realise what UKIP’s other policies are, there will be problems for Farage. Over a similar period, the Greens have done better than UKIP, UKIP need to face facts. They have no seats in Partliament, no London Assembly members and less councillors than the Greens.

    • AttillatheHun

      MEPs don’t mean anything. It is MPs that count. If Lib Dems had not broken coalition agreement, the Tories would have 50 more MPs.

      It is highly doubtful that local council success will translate into national success for UKIP, their policies are too disastrous.and Farage is not a credible leader.

    • Thank you Kevin. This is the facts! UKIP don’t seem to like actual facts……

      • Malcolm Latarche

        Actually these are not facts. Before Thursday the greens had a total of 122
        representatives on local government at all levels and UKIP only 24.

        The Greens’ 122 included 17 at county council level which increased by 5 on thursday. So they now have a total of 127 representatives.

        UKIP’s figure of 24 included 8 county councillors and this has increased by 139 to 147 which means that their total of local representatives is now 163.

        So Greens are now trailing UKIP by 36 representatives.

  5. AttillatheHun

    Farage has a big mouth. He is always mouthing off in the media, talking up his party, as you say, not a crime, but he hasn’t achieved enough to justify the fuss he is making.

  6. So far –

    UKIP gains: 113 seats

    Green gains: 3 seats

    • I am looking at the gains made by both parties over the time they have been in existence. Greens have more councillors than UKIP, UKIP were doing exceptionally badly over the 20 years they have been in existence, until now.

      The Greens have been a strong presence on the London Assembly too, Jenny Jones came third in Mayoral election, and she and Darren Johnson are well known. The Greens also have an MP, Caroline Lucas. UKIP have no Assembly members and certainly no MPs. All in all, Greens have done better, although it has been slow but sure. UKIP have recent momentum, but who knows if it will last?

    • The success of the Green Party has been slow but steady growth. UKIP have put on a huge surge recently, but that still doesn’t mean they have achieved the level of success achieved by the Green Party. Overall, they are slightly below the Greens in other areas.

      UKIP needs to learn to take criticism, stating the facts is not smearing it is just that, stating the facts.

    • AttillatheHun

      This shows that the Greens have 122 councillors overall. More than UKIP, no?

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