Boris’s Obi-wan-Kenobi moment. New YouGov poll shows he is outperforming all three leaders

Crush him and he will only rise up more powerful…..Obi Wan Kenobi , Star Wars,borisdalston

A sneaky mugging by the Beeb temporarily hurt supporters of Boris Johnson because of the vicious nature of the questions,  but not for long!  A new YouGov poll proves Boris is way ahead of the other three political leaders in the public’s affections. Out of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband, Boris is the only politician with a positive approval rating.

YouGov said: “New research shows that influential Britons view Boris Johnson far more positively than the leaders of the three main political parties. These findings come from YouGov’s monthly survey of UK opinion formers, who are drawn from politics, business, media, academia, NGOs and the public sector.

The Mayor of London is the only leading politician to gain a strong net score (+53) when influential Britons were asked how well they believe UK political leaders are doing in their current roles. Two-thirds (67%) say Boris Johnson is doing a good job, and only 14% think he is doing a poor job.

In contrast, David Cameron and Nick Clegg are considered to be doing a bad job as coalition leaders, with low net scores of -44 and -19 respectively. In addition, Ed Miliband has not been able to consolidate the gains made from his strong performance at the party conferences, slipping back to a score of -13.”

Stonkingly good ratings socked it to the Beeb and to Ed Miliband, we say “Back off Mary Poppins!”  Strikes me you both have enough to worry about, the Saville scandal hasn’t made the BBC look too hot.   Instead of slamming Boris over minor 30 year old misdemeanours,  you should learn from him.

Watch the great Michael Cockerell documentary on Boris, unseen footage of his childhood and time at Eton.  Not to be missed.

The press response:  Voters say Boris must lead the Tories.  London Standard.

Boris would destroy Labour opinion poll lead if he were Tory Leader.  The Independent.

Boris would wipe out Labour lead says Huffpo.

Boris as Tory leader would wipe out Labour lead, the Telegraph.

Boris was the victim of foul play Sarah Vine, The Times

Boris Johnson’s father attacks BBC for disgusting interview with his son. The Times.

Boris bounce will smash Labour lead.  SKY News website.

Perceptive article by Dominic Lawson on Boris Johnson.

11 responses to “Boris’s Obi-wan-Kenobi moment. New YouGov poll shows he is outperforming all three leaders

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  2. It’s going to take more than Eddie Mair to stop a man like Boris Johnson.

  3. Terrific article, sick of the smears and lies by people who are jealous of Boris.

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  5. I wonder how he’d do against Nigel Farage who, oddly, wasn’t included in this poll.

    • Nigel Farage isn’t a main party leader. To qualify as that, you have to have MPs in Westminster. Farage makes enough fuss for people to think he is making a bid for the leadership. The truth is he is leading a minority party.

    • The arrogance! Nigel Farage hasn’t managed to get one UKIP MP in twenty years! Who the hell do you think you are, he is a just a flash in the pan! Come back when he has 300 MPs like the Tory Party!

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