First the US, Germany and India – now Boris storms Paris, entrancing the French

Boris had a French grandmother.  Having bashed the French with huge abandon in the media,  once in Paris, Boris proves once again he is impossible to dislike, as he turns on the charm, and fluent French, with effortless ease. The interview covers a range of subjects, including the EU, the City and Boris’s book.  Listen to the interview here.boriscaring

The French interviewer has misgivings at first, and accuses Boris of protesting too much, when he declares his love for the French, but soon he is won over, clearly delighted by the wit of our cultured “bouillonant” * Mayor.

Later on, Boris handed out copies of the London Standard on the streets of Paris to promote the City and London.

In the US, he was a huge hit on the David Letterman Show, but also in many serious interviews, like the one with Charlie Rose. In Germany, Boris is widely admired as a politician who gets things done, unlike Klaus Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin.  German newspapers like Die Welt wrote rave reviews. On his trip to India, Boris had a considerable success, hailed for his ability to sell the UK abroad.

Boris has built up  an impressive foreign reputation and now he can add the picky French to his list of admirers. He even made the cover of Paris Match.

The ecstatic French magazine swooned “Next to him, conservative Paris seems as dry as a utility bill.  He makes London the new Rome, the most exciting city in the world.”

4 responses to “First the US, Germany and India – now Boris storms Paris, entrancing the French

  1. This is humour yes………..

    • Boris is very charming, and also fairminded and highly intelligent. Europe furious he beat them, but his oustanding qualities will win them over, sour grapes sur le menu a ce moment.

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  3. Boris is rightly respected abroad, and everybody likes him. He should be a diplomat.

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