Boris Johnson has been right about everything: is this why George has frozen London funding?

This is a tough time for all parties.  The Tories might have had a shock at Eastleigh, but that is nothing to the body blow Labour received when they were way last, a scathing public denunciation of their lack of policies for growth. Ed Balls’ lies on air that Labour growth was choked off by Tory mistakes, and the dishonest squeaking of the Lib Dems that they did not break the Coalition Agreement,  only add to the public distaste.BORISITV

It is obviously galling for the PM and Chancellor that Boris Johnson has been proved right on everything.  He has rightly backed the Cityand called for measures for growth, urgency over a third airport and investment in infrastructure  He steadily spoke out against the billions being spent on foreign aid, a running sore spot with voters, and his view on the EU is both prudent and democratic.

In the maelstrom of lies from all parties, Boris is one of the very few politicians trusted by the voters not to lie and whether the government likes it or not, it is his job as Mayor to tell the truth as he sees it.  (David Cameron has enough suckups backing him in the wrong decisions, God knows.)

George Osborne, for whatever reason, has frozen funding for London  . In April last year Boris wrote to the Chancellor because out of a pot of £2.4 billion, London only received 0.37% of the money.   The London Standard reported:  “He (Boris) said allocations of money under the Coalition’s Regional Growth Fund had been “extremely disappointing” as the capital was being frozen out, despite having some of the worst unemployment blackspots in the country.

Referring to a talk with Lord Heseltine, the Government’s business adviser, Boris wrote: “It is clear both from my conversation with Michael, and from the geographical distribution of successful bids, that London is being excluded from serious consideration by the Fund”.

The letter fell on deaf ears.  The Mayor is by far the best asset the Tories have got.  He has presented the Tories with the biggest success of the PM’s government by winning London for them, he is doing a great job and he is a terrific salesman for the UK, with a respected reputation abroad, particularly in the US and Germany.    He and London deserve better than this.

UpDate:  Boris therefore went on hugely successful trade missions, and billions of investment flooded into the capital.  He also raised a stonking £400 million + from the City.  From a wasteland, Boris boosted jobs market, London economy, and changed the city into the No. 1 city in the world.

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