Boris ambushes Cleggie on his LBC radio show, saying “Get rid of the posh limos!”

This morning on his lbc 97.3 phone in show, Nick Clegg was ambushed by Boris Johnson who phoned in to tackle him over government cars.  The way ministers are ordering cars at the tax payers expense is nothing short of scandalous, and Boris is the peoples’ voice on this. “Hi Nick, it is Boris of Islington here” said Boris.  “Will you get your ministers out of chauffeur driven cars and onto bikes into public transport?” nickphonein

Just before he resigned, Andrew Mitchell ordered a £100K luxury Jaguar to use for a journey of only a few 100 yards.  When he took over, Sir George Young rightly pulled the plug on the order and stuck to his bike.  The Welsh Secretary, David Jones, uses a silver Jaguar XJ, the same car as the PM.  The other day there was outrage on twitter, because he used the car to carry him 100 metres to Downing Street, a journey he could have walked in 2 minutes, and expected the chauffeur to wait and pick him up when he left.

Labour  are in on the act too.  Sanctimonious Ed Miliband berated the Tories on government cars until it was pointed out he regularly uses a tax payer funded  car to get to the House from Primrose Hill and has racked up a bill of £135,000. Labour are big fat fakes.  in 2010, when Boris went to Davos, he met Peter Mandelson who sneered at him because he was travelling in economy.  Lord Mandelson was travelling club class, necking back the champers with his aides, and the jeers showed the contempt Labour really has for the working classes.

David Cameron used to be sensitive to these things, but now, he and the rest of the limo lovers have no idea how this rankles with the general public.  Times are tough.  For ministers who have a journey of only a few hundred yards to be ordering limos at public expense is outrageous.  It is a slap in the face to every person struggling to make a decent  life for their family. People are crying out for justice and no wonder Boris Johnson is so popular.  He is all we have.

Nick Clegg’s reply to Boris is here. Suffice it to say, it was he, not Boris, who did the bumbling.

Update: #londontonight.  Bullshit excuse from government spokesman.  Apparently these limos are necessary for 100 yard journeys for reasons of security.  This contradicts Nick Clegg’s statement that he goes on the train and drives his own car all the time.  Let’s be honest, if anyone is on peoples’ hit list it’s him.

2 responses to “Boris ambushes Cleggie on his LBC radio show, saying “Get rid of the posh limos!”

  1. Boris pranks Nick Clegg. Amusing? Hell yeah!

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