Political heroes and villains of 2012

THE VILLAINS 5) Ken Livingstone.  He is a tough, no holds barred street fighter, who, to his credit, never gives up. During the last mayoral election though, his constant lying reached Olympic standard.  It’s not a compliment.borisseated 4)  Andrew Mitchell.  As the Telegraph pointed out, over Plebgate, he does not come out smelling of roses.  He doesn’t seem to care what damage he does to the Tories or the police, he is insensitive to the consequences for others.  During a time of dire national hardship, he ordered a Jaguar car from public funds for a 200 yard journey at a cost of £100K. The impression is of someone who is, first, last and always, the centre of his own small universe. 3) Margaret Moran.  Nobody wants someone who is genuinely mentally ill to do a jail term, but why can she not pay back the money? The case was judged in a rare “trial of issue” and a jury decided she has committed  21 counts of fraud, but that is not the same as an actual conviction.  She will not even have a criminal record  because she is unfit to plead. So the money cannot be retrieved, because there is no actual conviction.  OK, there are legal difficulties over recovering the £56K, but unless Ed Miliband, so quick to jump on any Tory misdemeanour, moves his butt, this will be a travesty. 2) Ed Miliband.  He seemed to be a nice guy, until he backed Red Ken for the mayoralty, which blew those credentials sky high for good.    Ken played off the Muslims against the Jewish and gay communities,  and Ed said nothing while Ken verbally abused the Jews.  For this, in certain quarters,  Ed Miliband will never be forgiven.  He sanctimoniously attacks the Tories, but when Labourites like Margaret Moran disgrace his party,  he has nothing to say. He has joined Ed Balls in showing no contrition for the disaster created by Labour.   He should know better. 1) The BBC and Benjamin Zephaniah.  The culture and practices of the BBC failed to prevent Jimmy Saville  from perpetuating decades of abuse (1964-2007)on hundreds of victims.  (Sunday Times, “Call me General Carnage”, 23/12/12.) There is also blatant political bias from the Corporation.  An outstanding example occurred on Question Time, when, unchecked by chairman David Dimbleby, who smugly sat by,  Zephaniah was allowed to quote Boris Johnson out of context,  misrepresenting him as a racist.  A once great institution, the BBC has not a shred of honour or credibility left. THE HEROES OF 2012 5) Nick Clegg. As a member of the Coalition, Cleggie could not have  been worse.  He has blocked and undermined every effort the Tories have made to reduce the deficit and forced his wacko agenda on the UK without a mandate.  However, his genuine and unwavering battle for gay rights does him credit. 4) Archbishop Justin Welby, God’s Defender. The spiritual aspect of life is often ignored, even by our clergy, but the new Archbishop speaks of God without embarrassment and with total sincerity.    His background in the oil industry means that he is not easily brushed off by city banks.  He can talk to financiers in their own language,  when he reminds the City of their moral obligations. 3) Lynton Crosby.  Far from running a dirty campaign, the lethal attack on Ken Livingstone masterminded by Crosby was entirely ethical.  It was backed by impeccable research, much of it  from City Hall records, which devastated Ken’s reputation. Lynton is refreshingly direct and hilariously to the point, as this anecdote demonstrates. 2)  Andrew Neil.  He is the Lord High Executioner of the political interview, and his genial but relentless style demolishes his interviewees. In this interview, Neil monsters Nick Clegg over his expenses.   On a later link in the blog, Vince Cable is left stammering and red faced as Neil points out his inconsistencies.  Even brazen Ken Livingstone was rattled when Neil skewered him good and proper over Lutfur Rahman.  Andrew Neils biggest scalp recently was Ed Balls.   After Neil nailed him over the £73 billion structural deficit left by Labour for the Tories to deal with, Balls’ reputation has never recovered. 1) Boris Johnson.  Boris has won three awards this year, the GQ award, the Spectator Politician of the Year award and the CityAM pinup boy of the City award.  He overcame a 19% Labour swing in London to beat Red Ken for a second time. Strategically, he is outstanding.  He has stoutly and consistently backed the City and measures for stimulating economic growth.  He has led the debates on the EU, (suggesting a solution that shows an awareness of the complexities of the situation), on aviation and the economy.  Best of all, he has raised the spirits of the nation through the toughest times imaginable and there seems no setback that he could not face down and overcome.  There may be a day when our hearts break, when we lose hope and surrender to despair.  As long as we have Boris Johnson, that day is not now.

5 responses to “Political heroes and villains of 2012

  1. Cleggie a hero? I don’t think so. But Boris is definitely our number one.

  2. Nick Clegg is a disaster in the coalition, but his fight for gay rights does appear to be sincere.

  3. Er Number one hero should BE STELLA CREASY who should have been right at the top of the new years honours list . she has fought these pay day loans comnpanys’ who are exploiting people and has even got them to fund an awareness fair in her Constituancy how many of her right honerable collegues would have done that instead of havign a nice fat chck or a consultancy job when they retire. She has appeared in public events designed to promote integration in the face of a planned EDL march,

    • I absolutely do not agree, Ms. Creasey has achieved only a fraction of what Boris Johnson achieved in 2012. However, you are free to write your own list of Heroes and Villains of 2012, so why don’t you do that?

    • Stella Creasey? Come off it!

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