Naughty Boys! Mehdi Hasan and Ramesh Patel are misleading voters again……

This article was hacked and tampered with, obviously by lefties trying to stop the truth coming out.  The links have been restored, although I cannot find the the last comment I put in the Huffpo.  So scared are the left, this is the sort of thing they descend to.

Can’t you do any better than Mehdi Hasan as a political pundit, Daybreak?  He fibs!   Mehdi Hasan is the Political Editor of the Huffington Post, who printed this article by Ramesh Patel.  Mehdi Hasan’s remarks should be carefully checked.  (He did not tell the  truth about the government position on the Leveson Inquiry. My blog on this calumny was headedBlatant bias on Daybreak – again!“)MehdiHasan

Mr. Patel’s article demands an apology from David Cameron and then goes on to misrepresent the financial situation left by Labour. Below are the details I left in the comments section of the article.  Let’s see if they ever see the light of day, my guess is No!

Details of how Gordon Brown overspent are here.  This is in The Commentator, heading Cheering for Gordon Brown.

Ed Balls was forced to admit his lies over the deficit on this link, by Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics show on BBC1.  There is a video of the shocking scenario on the link.   If you print this comment, I will be
surprised!   Update:  they did print my comment and said it was the best one. It wasn’t hard guys!

Had quite a snippy reply from Ramesh Patel, although like Mehdi, he just turned the facts around and accused me of shortcomings that didn’t exist. My second comment is below.

1. “Don’t know what Boris article you are talking about, can’t recall referring to a Boris article, the blogs are mine. 

2. I note neither you nor Mehdi Hasan has any comment re. Mehdi’s awful fib about David Cameron’s reasons for opposing press law on #daybreak.  I told the programme how biased its political reporting was.

3. I deal with the GDP question in full through the second link I gave you – since Gordon Brown was not operating at a time of dire credit crunch, it is nothing short of scandalous that when he left office there was a structural deficit of £73 billion, immigration out of control because of open door policy, education ruined, foreign policy disastrous, PC correctness rampant, etc.  Re. GDP.  I quote:

4. “This was the coalition government’s inheritance courtesy of the Labour Party. British government debt was increasing at the rate of £420 million per day, or £5,000 per second, on its way to a projected figure of almost 80 percent of GDP, a figure not seen for fifty years as Britain paid off the costs of World War Two.”  GDP rose to nearly 80%!!!!

5. The blog I wrote refers to the structural deficit, I just didn’t put “structural” in the headline, so that is another thing you have got wrong.

Unluckily for you, I will probably write a blog exposing you and Mehdi Hasan,and widely publicise it.  If anyone knows about misleading people it is you and Mehdi Hasan.

My second comment is printed here, in case they don’t print in the rabidly Labour Huffpo. – when this article was hacked, they deleted this comment.   Shameful and cowardly.

10 responses to “Naughty Boys! Mehdi Hasan and Ramesh Patel are misleading voters again……

  1. These men have no integrity, wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the behnd.

  2. I agree they are terrible liars. They are just taking advantage of people’s ignorance.

  3. Why you have to show a photograph of this horrible Extreme Leftie is beyond me, he makes me physically sick.

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  7. the left love the huff and puff

    • Writers at Huffpo are fantasists, rely on ignorance of the public to write fiction! Un-believable, no shame, no integrity…….

  8. Charles Johnson

    I’m a life long Tory and 95% Tory members admit they were misleading after seeing for themselves the following reported facts from the Treasury, ONS, OBR, OECD, IMF & the IFS;

    The Tories ran 18 structural deficits in 18 years during 1979-1997. This means the Tories also ran structural deficits in the run up to the three recessions that occurred during that period of 1979-1997.

    Secondly, the structural deficit in the run up to the recession of 2008 was only 0.4%.

    Thirdly, during 1979-1997 the Tories increased the structural deficit by + 29% then after 1997 Gordon Brown cut the structural deficit by 82%.

    Finally, there is no such economic law that states: “Thou shall not run a structural deficit in growth period or even in the run up to a recession”; this childish nonsense made up to exploit people’s economic illiteracy.

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