Flash Harry Farage gets his comeuppance at last!


Quite honestly, Nigel Farage had this coming! So many Tories are sick of his fog horn delivery, his endless preaching  and his unsubtle assessment of highly complex situations that he will never be in a position to influence anyway.

This video from Liberal Conspiracy, via Rory Calhoun on twitter shows a lethal attack on Farage in the European Parliament by someone who is as fedup with Farage as we all feel. Farage had a well paid job on the Fisheries commission but took his salary for 2 years without showing his face once.  Utterly irresponsible.

Watch Guy Verhofstadt MEP slice and dice the UKIP leader, blasting Farage for taking money from the very institution he criticises.  Congratulations to Liberal Conspiracy for revealing the truth – well done.

nb. Another excellent point from Howard Jones, @hjoneshojo on twitter.”Isn’t the expanded point that UKIP is funded by EU salaries & allowances (& Stuart Wheeler.) Ironic for an anti EU party.”

The Guardian reports that Nigel Farage boasted he has drawn £2 million in expenses as an MEP.

In April2014, Mr. Farage appeared on HIGNFY.  He was ridiculed for his boast that he had drawn £2 million in expenses as an MEP and was left red faced and speechless.

7 responses to “Flash Harry Farage gets his comeuppance at last!

  1. It is about time somebody showed up this wide boy. It’s easy to promise the world when there is no danger you will ever have to fulfill your wild and irresponsible promises.

  2. Flash Harry is right, he is always yelling at others, let him do the job he is lavishly paid to do!

  3. Guys suggestions sound very fair and reasonable, so long as it’s applied fairly and equally among all MEPs. Lets look at the statistics for the others before we decide how bad he is on the realistic scale.

    • I don’t agree. Probably they all neglect their jobs while raking in huge salaries. How does that make it right for Farage not to have shown his face for 2 years? Appalling and outrageous behaviour, and he is always cricitising everyone else. No, Nigel Farage has been revealed as totally irresponsible. Your argument is utterly ludicrous.

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