Blatant bias on ITV’s Daybreak – again!

This morning on ITV’s Daybreak, Mehdi Hassan explained the Tory position on the Leveson report, the gist of which I give here.  “David Cameron is caught between a rock and a hard place. He ordered the Leveson report, but now is refusing to follow its advice.  He is against press law because his party is doing so badly, he daredn’t antagonise the press.” Scots Lorraine clucked sympathetically, agreeing with every word. Don’t you ever read a newspaper Lorraine?chakrabarti

Not one word about protecting a centuries old free press.  No mention of the deep concern about press law from the New York Times, a left wing newspaper.  The Freedom director,  Shami Chakrabarti, a member of the Leveson panel, is split from the panel because of the dangers of press law.  The editor of the Spectator, Fraser Nelson,  intends to go to prison to defend press freedom.  Finally legal sources are concerned that newspapers could use the European Court of Human Rights to complain that their freedoms are being infringed by full-blown statutory regulation.

The Daybreak audience was fed a totally one sided left wing explanation of the Leveson issue, and presumably the intention was to brainwash the audience.

A few months ago, a commentator on ITV’s Daybreak explained the spat over failed Lords Reform between Nick Clegg and David Cameron as “the reason was David Cameron broke the Coalition Treaty.”  This is untrue. David Camern fulfilled his obligations under the Coalition Agreement.  After I had complained to the programme and received an unsatifactory explanation,  I told the Daybreak editor, I was thinking of reporting them to OFCOM, but as they had David Cameron on the show the next day, and Boris Johnson on later in the week, I desisted.

How much longer is the Labour media going to be allowed to ram their lefty agenda down the throats of the public?  If the editors of Daybreak are so hot on legislation, maybe that legislation should haul them over the coals or mean they lost their jobs if they carry on exploiting the power of their positions so outrageously.

5 responses to “Blatant bias on ITV’s Daybreak – again!

  1. Thank you for your support, it is taking advantage of their power for TV channels to behave in this way.

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