Ed Balls blatant fibs on the deficit revealed on bbcsp and in the Spectator

It has been said that only when Labour come clean on the scale of the debt they left after their 13 years of misrule would the public truly trust them again. It is now clear that that will never happen,  The extent of Ed Balls’ dishonesty has been brutally revealed, first by Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics Show, secondly by the Spectator and lastly by a video provided by the blogger Not A Sheep.

The interview with Andrew Neil is here. Neil makes it quite plain that there was a structural deficit when Labour left office of £73 billion. Balls said there was no structural deficit in 2007,  in an interview with Andrew Marr in January 2011.    It later transpired that Ed had also been distorting and disssimulating to Andrew Neil.   Ed was proved to have known of the deficit in 2007 when he spoke to Marr,  and all Ed’s inconsistencies are laid out in an article in the Spectator here.

Finally, an excellent blog from Not A Sheep, another video showing Ed Balls again tackled by Andrew Neil in 2010, saying everyone is wrong but him.

We all knew that Labour was avoiding responsibility for the economic disaster being dealt with by the Tories.  We all knew they were reluctant to admit the scale of the mess they had made.  But to hear the facts laid out so clearly and calmly by Andrew Neil, and to find out that Ed Balls was also misleading Andrew Neil yesterday, as well as Andrew Marr in 2011,  as made plain by the Spectator…….  was truly shocking.

During the last Mayoral contest, the lies of Ken Livingstone reached Olympic standard.  Ed Miliband must have known, but he still backed Ken and what does that say about Ed?  Now Ed Balls is revealed as a liar on a similar scale.   Ed Balls is scheduled to appear on the Sunday Politics Show to face Andrew Neil once more.  Let’s see if he keeps the appointment.

Update:  Harriet Harman admits that the Labour Party are in utter and complete denial about the mess they made of the UK’s economy, reports the Spectator.

A graph, from the Guardian, shows how Labour whacked up spending and the debt when Labour left office.

15/3/13  This is an incisive analysis of what went wrong under Labour, but how doing nothing now is not working!   Brilliant article, please read.

Here, Gordon Brown admits his huge mistake in not regulating the banks, resulting in total meltdown.  He says I have got to take responsibility. Worst of all, was his mistake in removing the supervisory power of the Bank of England.

The assertion that Margaret Thatcher also deregulated the financial sector is a myth, says the Guardian.

List here of British banks with huge sub prime losses.  This gives the lie to lefties who deny that Labour was partially responsible for the economic crash

This explains how after British banks had to be bailed out iin the sub-prime scandal, Gordon Brown sold off our gold reserves way below their real value.

19 responses to “Ed Balls blatant fibs on the deficit revealed on bbcsp and in the Spectator

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  12. i for one. are sick of the lies and incompetence and greed and stealing of previous and serving goverment ministers. i think it is a disgrace that these individuals are getting away with theft and dishonesty of the highest order. i think it is about time that mps and all the crooked bankers and business men get tried and imprisoned for crimes and incompetence in goverment. until we start taking our elected members of parliment to task for their crimes. they will never do the job they were elected to do..

    • It is very shocking that an ex-Chancellor lies to this extend to the British public. The way Labour carry on, you would think they had nothing to apologise for at all! They have ruined this country, they did it under Harold Wilson, they did it under Blair/Brown and given half the chance, they would do it under Ed Miliband.


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  17. Thanks for reblogging my post. Ed Balls has now denied his denial, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

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