YouGov poll proves that Boris Johnson is the most respected politician in the UK

His honesty, his fierce intelligence,  his rock solid beliefs  and the way he never cons the public have  made Boris Johnson the most respected politician of the day in the UK,  says the latest YouGov poll. His appeal extends throughout the country, including the North, except for Scotland.

The Guardian reported today:  “Boris Johnson‘s campaign to position himself as the natural successor to David Cameron has received a major boost from a poll showing he is Britain’s most respected political figure – outstripping even Margaret Thatcher.

As the London mayor prepares to use next month’s Tory conference to maintain the momentum from his high-profile summer, a poll for this week’s You-Gov Cambridge conference shows Johnson is respected by 58% of voters, compared with 46% for Thatcher.

Johnson is comfortably ahead of the prime minister, his Eton and Oxford contemporary, who is respected by 37% of voters. George Osborne, the mayor’s junior in age – and most likely rival for the Tory leadership – trails Johnson on 16%”.    The least respected politician in the UK is George Galloway and Ed Miliband doesn’t do too well either.

Boris’s net respect and trust score is +25%, to see how this is calculated, check out the first link in this article.   William Hague scores -1 point.  Cameron scores -18 points, slightly behind David Miliband on -14 points. Osborne is on -53 points, slightly behind Nick Clegg on -52 points. Ed Miliband is on -29 points.  George Galloway is on -67 points.

This poll proves what so many voters have known all along.  Boris has an ability to communicate that borders on genius, he is funny as hell, but he has one quality that is so much more important than both those things, a quality that inspires rock solid devotion in everyone who supports him. People recognise the truth when they hear it.   I have said this twice already.  So many politicians mislead the public.  Boris doesn’t do that.

“No man has ever been so loved by the people.  Don’t waste that power.”  Quote from the new film Lincoln directed by Steven Speilberg.

7 responses to “YouGov poll proves that Boris Johnson is the most respected politician in the UK

  1. Boris is fast becoming the peoples choice for leader of this country. His role as Mayor has put him in good stead with the public who can see he knows how to run Government. David Cameron should be very worried this man wants to be PM and everyone knows it.

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