Only a God can save us

Boris Johnson recently compared himself to a Roman emperor, as he genially presided over the wildly  successful Games.  Loved for his humour, he is now deeply respected, because whenever there is a serious decision to be made either for London or for the UK,  Boris always makes the right call.

THE ECONOMY:  The Boris position on the economy has always been the same.  Austerity alone will never be the answer.  Boris has always argued the government should cut taxes, cut red tape and invest in infrastructure.  George Osborne recently was dealt a major blow when leading economists withdrew their support for his deficit reduction plans. The economists, one of whom is an Emeritus Professor of Economics at Cambridge,  now back the Boris strategy.  They accept we need  growth and that requires investment.  “In a recession bordering on a depression, public investment in infrastructure that has a high payoff, even in good times, must make sense.” says Cambridge economist David Newbery.

FOREIGN AID:  As early as October 2010, Boris was arguing that we no longer needed to pay foreign aid to India.  We cannot afford to donate this aid at the expense of our ability to deter aggression, when India is paying for its own nuclear and space programmes.  There is also anger than British citizens are having to do without life saving drugs, while money is being spent on this aid.   “We pay for India’s rocket to Mars!” screamed an outraged headline in the Express this morning.  The general feeling in the media was fury that our foreign aid funds India’s space mission.

ELEVATED CYCLE PATHS are another Boris brainwave.  Boris is looking at an idea for cycle paths running alongside London’s main railway lines, a scheme greeted rapturously by cab drivers for a start.  Even committed lefties think this scheme looks good on paper, although the cost would be considerable.  However, we all know what a genius Boris is at getting sponsorship.

OPTIMISM AND  SOLUTIONS, NOT MOANING AND NEGATIVITY.  All along Boris has argued that moaning is a waste of time.  When faced with any problem or crisis, his immediate response is “How can we make the best of this?”  The success of the Games reminded the people of the UK that we have so much going for us.   The British people are the tops.  The Olympic spirit has not died and that is because of Boris to a very great extent.

“Nur noch ein Gott kann uns retten.” said  Martin Heidegger.   Only a God can save us. Boris may not be a God but he is the next best thing.  Long may he reign.

4 responses to “Only a God can save us

  1. Boris for PM.

  2. Boris is amazing, and he does always have the right answer. He is ;positive and optimistic, a gift to us.

  3. Apparently David Cameron is working on setting up another Coalition for 2015. He just doesn’t care what he is doing to the Tory Party as long as he can be PM.

  4. Only a God CAN save us.

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