Is Mitt Romney the worst diplomatic goofball of all time?

He may be good at making money, but that seems to be all he’s good at! The temperature at No. 10 dropped to zero, as after a string of gaffes, Mr. Romney showed that his most outstanding political ability is treading on peoples’ toes.  In a short space of time, Mr. Romney made not just one, but a series of howlers, that handed a gift to President Obama in the electoral campaign.Until now,who should win the prize for the worst diplomatic gaffe was a tie.  Should it go to President George H W Bush Snr., who, at a Japanese State dinner, couldn’t handle the unagi and fainted, after vomitting into the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister?

Or should UN representative and Chinese diplomat Sha Zukang take the prize?  He got horrendously drunk and then told a member of the American diplomatic team that he just couldn’t bear Americans!

Mitt Romney has perpetrated not just one but a series of blunders, and if he had deliberately planned to mortally offend the Brits, he could not have made a better job of it.  So clumsy and tactless were his faux pas, he has made Sarah Palin look like Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, and all three party leaders for once agreed.  They were not impressed, reported today’s Times.

Mr. Romney’s worst gaffe was to sneer at Britain’s Olympic efforts, hinting we weren’t ready, or united,   jibing about the security problem and sniping snidily “It’s hard to know just how well it will work out!”  That earned him a setdown from David Cameron and the welcome Scotch at No. 10 slid right back into the bottle.

On a visit to the Olympic Park, the Prime Minister said acidly: “We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities in the world. Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere.”

Romney added insult to injury by apparently forgetting Ed Miliband’s name (an understandable error) and calling him “Mr. Leader”. The sniping continued when he dismissed the idea that the US should take the road that “leads to Europe”.

Against all protocol, he then bragged he had received a secret briefing from MI6, apparently a secret no longer.

Smarting from the icy reproof dished out by a furious British Premier, Mr. Romney then had to endure the humilation of  being soundly mocked by Mayor Boris Johnson in Hyde Park, to the uproarious delight of an audience of 80,000 Brits.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he was then beaten up and denounced as a fool on twitter, with many of the tweets coming from the US. The supportive messages from the US all said “Don’t worry, this man will never be President.”

Mr. Romney’s final clanger was to say how much he enjoyed seeing the “backside of Downing Street.”  On Fox News,  Boris Johnson received lavish praise for his speech that ridiculed Romney, and announcers said he helped Obama win the election!  Mitt was crucified!  Don’t hurry back,  Mr. Romney.

Update, 1st Nov. 2012.  Oh no!  Now Mitt has offended the Italians!

6 responses to “Is Mitt Romney the worst diplomatic goofball of all time?

  1. I cannot undertand such a successful man making such awfully stupid remarks.

    • Neither can I! Mullti-millionaire wins Republilcan nom. but doesn’t know any better than to shoot his mouth off.

  2. Nothing surprises me when it comes to US Presidential Candidates, or Presidents come to that. Diplomacy has never ranked very highly with them.
    I should imagine Boris’s brilliant remark flew miles above most Americans heads.
    Am hoping The Daily Show will give Romney a good slap down 🙂

  3. AttillatheHun

    I love the Daily Show1 Am definitely hoping Jon goes for Mitt Romney and hard!


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