Sects in the City: UNITE target kids in schools like US cults target kids on campus

Cult leader David Koresh

In the US,  there has been great concern because of cults who are targeting kids on campus.  In a move reminiscent of these cults, UNITE is targeting schools and sending in their tutors to indoctrinate teach school kids about trade unions.

Len McCluskey, leader of UNITE, is himself not short of a bob or two.   (He earns £97K and has a gold plated pension deal).  He said he wanted every fifteen year old to be brainwashed educated about strikes,  but if he or Bob Crow tried love bombing, it’s hard to believe there would be many takers.

In a new wave of guerilla tactics, McCluskey is planning to target bad employers up and down their supply chain and their customer chain.  He threatened that UNITE has a “nationwide team” of organisers about to be unleashed on British industry.

The Department of Education wishes to protect kids from political propaganda and campaigning in the classroom.  This is a matter for individual schools, they said, but both sides of any debate must always be represented.

The CBI is advising companies on how to deal with these strategies.  Calls for Ed Miliband to denounce the tactics of UNITE have so far fallen on deaf ears. Ed has wide, staring eyes.  This is a classic symptom of an abuse victom.    Be warned, British voters!  Red Len is hell bent on economic sabotage now that the UK is vulnerable.  This is what you will get if you ever return Labour to power. One good thing might come out of all this.  To be a union member, you need to get a job first!

ps. Len McCluskey called on the Labour Party to elect more trade unionists as members.  Awesome.  The public will love it.

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