Boris victory proves he was deadly serious all along

He has done it.  Running as a true blue Tory, Boris Johnson has overcome the unpopularity of coalition policies and a despicable and abusive campaign from Ken Livingstone to singlehandedly turn the political tide for a win.

There is no denying that our Mayor has a unique sense of humour, but attempts by Ken (and Labour) to pretend that this is the secret of Boris’s success are way off. Unlike every other Mayoral candidate, Boris has had the courage to tell the truth about the recession.  He has a strategy to take London forward,  all the others can suggest is bribing voters by spending money.   Labour Minister Maria Eagles told the Guardian that Labour support  Boris’s sensible cuts and investment policy.  Ken’s strategy of offering £3 billion worth of bribes is irresponsible and sensible voters recognise that.

Boris has kept nearly all of his election promises and has steadily refused to make promise he cannot keep.  Even under the worst stress when Ken Livingstone had a lead (a tiny 2 points, within the margin of error), Boris still refused to make promises, that he knew he couldn’t  keep. Ken had no such scruples.

As the results trickled in, the blatantly biased BBC News sneered that Boris’s victory was down to personality and celebrity.( Labour, in a quandary, have to back Ken.  They picked him.) Those things have played a small part, but voters have recognised an honesty and breadth of intellect in Boris that is unique. Our Mayor has has pulled off an almost impossible feat. He has bucked the trend bigtime.  His rivals must be trembling.   This victory proves that far from being a clown, Boris Johnson was deadly serious all along.

2 responses to “Boris victory proves he was deadly serious all along

  1. What a superb pic of Boris! Emperor Boris…. it has a great ring……

  2. Unbelievable win by Boris Johnson. Whatever obstacles are put in his path, Boris just keeps on coming……

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