Boris opens up an 8 point lead

BREAKING NEWS…… The ITV show Daybreak has just announced to the nation that  Boris Johnson has opened up an 8 point lead!  This is confirmed by ComRes. A direct link to ComRes is here.  We love you Daybreak!

London loves Boris!  This is the only mayoral candidate who has had the courage to face the truth about the credit crunch and who has the brains to formulate a strategy to deal with it.  Every other mayoral candidate has tried to bribe the electorate with promises of further spending.  Ken’s crazy bribes total £3 billion! 

If Boris wins, this will be the most outstanding victory, fought against the toughest odds since the Duke of Wellington won the Battle of Assaye!  Not Waterloo, but Assaye was rated by the Duke as his toughest victory, the hardest piece of fighting he ever did. (The Duke was up against odds of 20 to 1.) Cometh the hour, cometh the man!  Boris is the man that London needs.

5 responses to “Boris opens up an 8 point lead

  1. Ken has only once ever had a tiny 2 point lead over Boris. Boris has several times had a lead of up to 8 points, and the pro. bookies have consistently backed a Boris win. Am sure Ken is fuming, he really wanted to get his job back.

  2. Some strange results from ComRes in this poll though – no support for Boris in Chelsea? Seems a little bit wrong to me…

  3. Outstanding achievement by our Mayor, in a really tough fight. The polls are volatile but this is so encouraging.

  4. RESULT! Well done Bojo, you are the greatest.

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