The Goddess Athena would choose our Mayor to bring peace and prosperity to London

The goddess Athena was the goddess of  crafts, the domestic arts and war.  Of all Zeus’s children, he chose her to be the bearer of his shield and thunderbolt. She knew the supreme value of peace and was devoted to cities.

The Mayoral election is a turning point in history for London and the UK  and a  wrong decision could mean disaster for the capital. Difficult times mean the election is still so close.  Boris Johnson is a uniter, not a divider, he is peace loving, liberal, tolerant and fair minded.  The education he has had and his own innate sense of justice have given him a deep understanding of the workings of democracy, not shared by any other candidate.   With his understanding of the workings of the economy, he is the only feasible choice for Mayor.

Which of the candidates is best placed to bring peace and prosperity to the capital?  If the goddess Athena were to make a judgment, she would choose our Mayor and protect him in the few remaining, difficult days to come.

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