Come on Danii and Cheryl, give Simon Cowell a break

Poor old Simon Cowell!  Not a good week, was it? He talked to Tom Bowyers (the man Conrad Black wanted to murder) for an unauthorised bio. and now according to Cheryl and Danii, Simon is marked for death. And all Simon is probably thinking deep down is “What have I done wrong?”

Because Simon has only done what Simon does best. Simon built his reputation on an acid sarcasm, that reduces most contestants to tears.  Brutal honesty is his stock in trade and he doesn’t wrap it up.When you spend your life telling people their singing sounds like a cat caught in a fan belt, you expect women to know you are not exactly adept at whispering sweet  nothings. He doesn’t do marriage.  Best, surely to take that on board?  Nor is he ever going to do anything, whatever the personal side, that isn’t the best thing for the show, Cheryl Cole.

It is now clear that being sarcastic was never an act with Simon, it was always just him.  Here is a sample of some of his putdowns.

“To camp Essex lad, Darren. “You look like Princess Diana and you can’t sing.  I am not going to lie to people just because it makes them feel good. I’m doing you a favour, you are wasting your time.”

To boy band G4.  “You all look like bankers.  Totally boring.  I’m absolutely gob smacked.  You could sell a lot of records”.

To twenty-two stone Rik Waller.  “The biggest moaners are always the fat people”.”

What did Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole expect?  As for Sharon Osborne, attacking Simon’s sleazy lifestyle, that’s rich, coming from her.

Danii and Cheryl, I am sure Simon meant no offence.  Maybe not a good idea to say all that was said, but possibly he was distracted, just telling it like he saw it. He is clearly aghast he hurt your feelings.  I bet Simon has done his very best to be nice, and he thought he was going easy on you both not ending it by pressing the reject button.  With Simon, work will always come first.  He will always tell it like it is and never wrap things up.   He’s a workaholic, driven, focused and it’s all about him.  In his defence though, did he ever pretend that things would be any different?

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