Where is Red Ken’s apology for his smear on Boris Johnson?

The LBC debate was an absolute shambles, and Ken Livingstone was allowed to run riot with lies and smears by the feeble, badly researched host, Nick Ferrari.    Ken was allowed to accuse Boris Johnson of tax avoidance, a charge that since the release of details of Boris’s arrangements has been proved a total lie.  Ken knew he was lying.  He was informed of the facts by Boris two weeks previously.  So where is his apology?So furious was Boris Johnson, he tried to punch Ken on the nose after the debate and had to be pulled off Ken in a lift by a panicky Brian Paddick!

The Guardian printed full details of the company in question, Finland Station. The  article completely exonerates Boris of Ken’s accusation. Labour Uncut has provided an honest and detailed analysis of Ken’s lies throughout the debate.  Ken claimed that Boris uses the same tax avoidance schemes as Ken does.

Labour Uncut says regarding Boris’s furious outburst in the lift afterwards: “The two situations are very clearly different. Livingstone knew it. But still he made the claim. No wonder Johnson was angry.”

Where is the apology from Ken Livingstone to the Mayor?  Where is the outrage from the BBC, SKY News, and other tv channels that a mayoral candidate should behave in such a sly, dishonest and underhand way?  BBC1 News claimed that Boris lost his temper because “the election is such a close one.”  What a total fabrication!

Ken supporters tried to pretend that the Mayor was pressured because he was “under scrutiny!.  Now that the facts show that Boris is squeaky clean, why do these people not admit they were wrong?  As a so called unbiased source, the BBC owes it to the Mayor to correct their previous statement.  Why does Ken not admit his horrendous lie and apologise for his sly and underhand behaviour?

Maybe the trouble is that  Ken has told so many lies,steeped in duplicity, one more doesn’t make any different.

3 responses to “Where is Red Ken’s apology for his smear on Boris Johnson?

  1. Ken has behaved appallingly as usual. But he lies so compulsively, and so regularly, he clearly doesn’t look at it like a normal civilised person would.


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