Ken criticises Boris’s record on crime, blithely ignoring he did rock all

Ken Livingtone had his mouth full of criticisms about Boris’s progress on crime this morning, but the truth is very different.  Ken’s biased view of his own Mayoralty is beyond parody, because it wasn’t the treat he imagines, not for us, anyway. Gobby Ken criticises Boris even though crime overall is down 11% while blithely ignoring the fact that in his day he did rock all.

In today’s Standard, Ken snipes: “Tory rhetoric on crime has not been matched on results.” Untrue.  It’s a great achievement that crime is down as much as it is in a credit crunch, but in fairness, let’s look at Ken’s record.

Ken ignored knife crime for ages.  It was so low on his list of priorities, he didn’t even measure it until the last year of his 8 year term.

Ken talks big but does zip.  In 2004, Ken showboated that he would adopt a “zero tolerance” approach to crime. Instead, he did nothing to address the wave of youth murders on his watch, 27 young deaths in 2007 alone. Ken’s compassionate response?  “If it bleeds, it leads!”

Ken said he “didn’t feel responsible” for youth violence.  Sensitive as ever, according to Ken, it was all just fine.

The facts show that Ken is out of order in saying knife crime had risen every year, 16% over 3 years.  Downright lie.  The truth is knife crime fell by 13.3% in 2008/9 and 1.2% in 2009/10.

Ken’s ability to distort the truth runs amok when he attempts to trash Boris’s excellent record (“there is rising violent crime”, “police numbers are in decline”,  “Tories make you less safe” haha.)

One of Ken’s most shameful lies, made during during a chat with the Guardian on 26th March, 2012, was that anti-Semitic attacks declined while he was Mayor.  Not true.  Between 2003 and 2004, anti-Semitic attacks increased by 45%.   Disgustingly, Ken went on to say that these attacks went up dramatically the minute he stopped being Mayor.  A lie.  In a straight 45 month comparison between Ken’s time and Boris’s time as Mayor, racist and religious hate offences are down 13.9% under Boris. And Ken’s crass slurs aimed at the Jewish people hardly helped the situation.

Just before the 2004 election, bombastic Ken promised a 50% decrease in crime. (BBC TV. Jan. 2004). The reality was crime increased!

Violent crime went up 11.2% between 200/01 and 2007/08.

Drug crime more than doubled over the same period as above.

Actual bodily crime almost doubled.

Harassment almost doubled.

Tube crime soared.  Bus crime went up by 17% between 2004/5 and 2005/06.  Violence on buses increased  by 9% 7,712 offences at start of 04/05 increased to 8,400 offences by 07/08, a rise of 9%.

Ken Livingstone has fought this election by spouting false facts and misrepresentations.  The links on this blog are all to records from the Met. Police, so voters can check the truth for themselves.  This is the truth about Ken’s record on crime.  Not much to brag about, is it?

4 responses to “Ken criticises Boris’s record on crime, blithely ignoring he did rock all


  2. Does anyone believe a word Ken says anymore?

  3. Like most things, KEn’s crime record is nothing to brag about. I suppose he was too busy spending our money on a bankers’ life style to attend to crime.

  4. Ken lies and he lies and then he lies some more. He thinks the public can’t check. Well done for the links.

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