How Ken treated City Hall like his own personal piggy bank

Ken Livingstone is now in trouble on all fronts, not least the Times leader last week that said that because of his divisiveness,  it would be a disaster for London if he won. Details of the horrendous financial irresponsibility displayed during Ken’s Mayoralty were already revealed here.  Today more details of Ken’s lavish spending, financed by City Hall funds surfaced, one article in the Mail on Sunday and one in the Daily Telegraph.

The Mail on Sunday revealed that as Mayor, Ken seems to have treated City Hall like a private company, his own personal piggy bank.  He thought it was fine to buy personal items like a shirt, a lamp and a £260 pair of shoes. He spent over £6,600 on alcohol, all delivered to the Mayor’s office. Ken ran up a bill of over £66,000 on a corporate credit card.  The main expenditure was lavish meals, taxis and foreign travel.  This was the same card that was abused by Ian Clement, one of Boris’s deputies.  Clement received a suspended jail sentence and Boris banned all such corporate cards.  He has never owned one himself.

There is worse to come.  In the Sunday Telegraph, Andrew Gilligan reveals that Ken Livingstone paid over £6,500 of public money to the woman who bore his secret child. Gilligan says:  “Ken Livingstone’s City Hall paid at least £6,500 of public money to a woman who secretly bore his child, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.    Mr Livingstone also gave Jan Woolf prestigious free exhibition space at City Hall for a show of her husband’s photographs, curated by her. The then mayor made a vital planning decision in favour of an organisation she worked for, against fierce objections from local residents. He lent another of Ms Woolf’s clients valuable space at City Hall free of charge for a “networking reception.” He kept the true nature of his relationship with Ms Woolf secret at the time and only revealed it last year, three years after he left the mayoralty.”

Ken was closely involved through many business ventures with this lady, ventures from which she benefited, and he is supposed to declare any personal interest when he is involved in this way.  No personal interest was ever declared., so Ken has clearly broken the City Hall code of conduct. Ken also employed his girl friend, now his wife, on a salary of £96KK.

Two weeks ago, Ken said that if he regains the mayoralty, he will embark on a “round the world trip” to drum up business for London.  Heaven help us! The way in which Ken behaved while Mayor, shows his utter arraogance and the contempt he has for voters in always believing that the rules don’t apply to him.  He poses as an Old Labour, “working class boy (!)”,  haha.  The hypocrisy is breathtaking.  Ken is dangerous.  He should be kicked out of politics, never to return.

3 responses to “How Ken treated City Hall like his own personal piggy bank

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  2. Isn’t this corruption? Using public funds for your own personal use, spending thousands on your lady friends, that is corruption.

  3. Ken has no morality whatsoever, and bled the city dry. He had his girl friend on a salary of £96KK! What did she do to deserve a huge salary like that?

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