Ken is under pressure that he is not a fit candidate

Today London Tonight said that the Mayoral election was likely to be a dirty election.  The truth is that Ken Livingstone is under huge pressure that he is not a fit candidate to stand for Mayor.  To detract attention from this, he is throwing manufactured counter-accusations.   Everything that is wrong with Ken as a candidate was clearly explained by Labour journalist Nick Cohen in an article in the Guardian.

The Labour Party as a whole have stayed absolutely silent when questioned on Ken’s extremist links, his chronic misspending when Mayor, and his tax avoidance.  They simply refuse to answer any questions.  Labour journalists too have stayed silent.  Nick Cohen says: ” If there were a wider sense of honour on the British liberal-left, it would have turned on Livingstone for his alliances with the religious right long ago.”

Nick Cohen also criticises Ken for the way that he has made his money. He says: “In Livingstone’s case, part of his earnings came from Press TV, the state propaganda station for the Iranian dictatorship. You can almost justify appearing on the mouthpiece of a theocracy if you made a point of condemning its suppression of women and pro-democracy campaigners, or its imprisonment of trade union leaders, which would concern Livingstone if he were a true man of the left. Livingstone concentrated on attacking the west and Israel instead.” Re.  the tax avoidance, Ken is being pressured to publish his tax returns.

Nick Cohen doesn’t mention Ken’s chronic misspending of Londoners’ money when he was Mayor.  A Forensic Audit Panel said that money had been misspent in possibly tens of millions.

As Nick Cohen says, there is plenty to attack regarding Ken, and it is the duty of everyone campaigning for Boris Johnson to remind Londoners of exactly what Ken now stands for.  So Ken is launching manufactured counter-attacks in an attempt to detract attention from his own predicament.    Today his supporters were trying to attack Boris’s deputy, Kit Malthouse.  Ken doesn’t exactly have a great reputation in this election for truth telling.  He was caught on camera telling 3 lies in 4 minutes.

As Boris said: “It’s going to be a knock out drag down fight…….”

2 responses to “Ken is under pressure that he is not a fit candidate

  1. Ken isn’t a fit candidate. Hard not to sound negative, but he really is a most unpleasant man.

  2. About time somebody put Ken under pressure! He has swanned around as though he is God for long enough.

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