Great new movie in pre-production: Red Ken’s Henchmen

The double sided DVD, Hitler’s Henchman, was such a success a new movie is in pre-production.  Red Ken’s Henchman!  Hollywood beauties, are fighting for the part of Suzanne Lejeune, the French, historically misunderstood collaborator.  Suzanne slept with half the Nazi Party, and gave them the names of  French Resistance.  What a sweetie!  She wasn’t carrying out the work of Hitler!  She was reaching out to the Nazis. Opening scene:  Women, liberal Muslims, and the Jewish and gay communities are filmed crying like the North Koreans at death of Kim Jong-il, at the mere suggestion that Ken Livingstone might return to City Hall.

Scenes 2- 10:  (flashback to 2008).  Gay activist and freedom fighter Peter Tatchell remonstrates with the then Mayor of London Ken Livingstone for inviting homophobic, Holocaust denying misogynist Sheikh Al Qaradawi to City Hall as a guest as part of the reaching out process.  The Sheikh, who believes rape is OK!, female genital mutilation is a fashion statement, and giving any woman a smack in the mouth is necessary to put her in her place, is endorsed by charitable Ken as “progressive”.  The fun Sheikh likes slogans, such as  “Destroy the usurper Jews!”  As part of the reaching out process, wouldn’t you think that Ken would drop a hint to the press and voters that he thinks the Sheikh is, well a little extreme?  Not a word.  Crikey!  Through his silence, innocent Ken is giving the inadvertent impression he agrees with the Sheikh’s beliefs!  So mean that people don’t give him the benefit of the doubt!

Because he spoke out, Peter Tatchell reports that he was hounded by Ken and his henchman for a year.  If you heard Ken’s side, he might describe this as “bringing Peter round to my way of thinking.”

Because after all, Peter Tatchell wrote this unforgiveable statement.  “Arab News recently exposed the gullibility of Qaradawi’s western hosts, like Ken Livingstone. It pointed out that Qaradawi’s gentle words in London “don’t match” the extremism he preaches in the Middle East.  Undeterred, the Mayor of London denies the evidence and continues to defend Qaradawi, claiming he is one of the world’s most “moderate” Muslim leaders.

Some moderate. In his book, The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam, Qaradawi denounces homosexuality as “perverted” and “abominable He says it is an “aberration” and an “unnatural, foul and illicit practice”, punishable by death.  He advocates stoning!

Scenes 10-20.  (May 2008) For some reason, ungrateful Londoners have thrown Ken out of City Hall!  Fat lot of thanks he got for trampling over the feelings of Jews, gay people and liberal Muslims!   Ken withdraws to his bunker,  to write his life story. The title?  Mein Newt!

Scenes 20-50.  In the most moving part of the film, Ken “reaches out” to Muslim extremists, by accepting £284,000 from the President of Iran.  He is being paid for working on Press TV, an organisation that denies the Holocaust and declares there are no gay people in Iran.  Red Ken’s henchmen plead with him to give up the job, but he says No! Reaching out is too important!

Undeterred that he seems to be making no headway whatsoever in educating Muslim extremists, although he is making plenty of progress in alienating liberal Muslims, and the Jewish and gay communities, Ken perseveres.  I know! Why not campaign with Lutfur Rahman, a candidate rejected by the Labour Party, for, yes, extremism!  It doesn’t do the trick.  Rahman is elected, and when homophobic heckling breaks out in Tower Hamlets,  wouldn’t you think that Ken might feel a twinge of remorse? Show he thought it was wrong? Say something to the people who were suffering as a direct result of his support of Rahman?  Not a peep.  Recently it was Holocaust Memorial Day.  Ken ducks out!

Ken has tried so hard and now there is an actual result!  The US Defence Secretary says that Iran will have the bomb in 2013 and Ken’s old employer at Press TV, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,  has been lobbying for support from LATNAM to wage war against the West! A result yes, but in the wrong direction!

 Once again, Ken is campaigning to get his job back from Boris Johnson.  This is Ken’s moment.  He could negotiate between Iran and the West, just like Von Ribbentrop negotiated with Stalin!  (see pic.) OK, bad example.

Ken has offended and desperately worried so many people through his penchant for his extremist pals, but people still won’t see that he is just trying to help!  OK, it is going the wrong way, and Iran is getting the bomb! Not Ken’s fault for goodness sakes!  He is also getting it in the neck from his own running mate, Val Shawcross, Labour MP Rashanara Ali, the Jewish Chronicle, Pink News, and then there is always that bloody Tatchell…… 

In all honesty, Ken cannot point to any progress resulting from the reaching out process.  In fact, it is going the wrong way!  But he wants to keep on trying.  He has a solution.  Something that will make everything right. Something that will show that he meant for the best.  Yes, this time he has the answer.  A final final solution…….

6 responses to “Great new movie in pre-production: Red Ken’s Henchmen

  1. Ken Livingstone’s final solution: He’s resigned! I think it’s best.


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  6. HAHAHA What a two faced poser Ken is.

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