Ken’s “Chicken” campaign idea is pinched from The West Wing

We all knew Ken had no original ideas.  Now we know his aides don’t  either.  Ken’s much vaunted “Chicken” campaign in which a man dressed as a chicken pursues an actor impersonating Boris Johnson,  wearing a Boris wig on a bicycle is an outright steal from the tv. series The West Wing. But there is worse to come!

As soon as I heard of this idea, I knew I had seen it before, but couldn’t remember where.  Then it came to me. In season 6 of The West Wing, in the episode Freedonia,  campaign manager Josh Lyman, supporting Matt Santos for President,  is desperately seeking a “silver bullet” to force the front runners to debate with them, but they don’t have any money.  Josh Lyman has this idea.  “Dress someone up as a chicken, and say they are too chicken to debate with us!”

When they do the stunt, presidential candidate Matt Santos doesn’t like it!  He says it’s cheap! This is not the first time that Ken, desperately short of ideas, has pinched a strategy from the West Wing.  In an  early episode, President Bartlett is losing support, until a supporter says “Let Bartlett  be Bartlett!”  Thus inspired, the nation flock to vote for him.

When Ken tried this, ( see Labour List)London went Eeuugghh!  Let Ken be Ken. A bullying, boastful, fantasist, who endorses homophobic, Holocaust denying Iranian extremists?  Not the image they were aiming for.

Now the chicken idea proves to be a dud.  Cop an eyeful of the doomed campaign idea here.Ken shoots himself in the foot again.  Because it might have been too cheap for Matt Santos, but nothing is too cheap for Ken………

ps.  Couldn’t help noticing that the strategy adopted by the London Assembly today when trying and failing, to attack Boris Johnson, was the same strategy used by Mitt Romney, attacking President Obama, (What world do you live in, you think everything is OK….)   Sheesh!  Don’t these guys have any ideas of their own?

UPDATE:  Labour journalist Adam Bienkov is honest enough to admit half the Labour Party hates Ken!    And practically all of them believe he will lose.

3 responses to “Ken’s “Chicken” campaign idea is pinched from The West Wing


  2. Cheap and nasty, just like Ken. Trust him to pinch the idea off US TV, no ideas at all.

  3. Typical. Not a clue.

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