It’s the Year of the Dragon in Chinese Astrology

The Chinese New Year for 2012 begins on Monday, 23rd January, ushering in the Year of the Dragon.  The Dragon is Boris’s sign in Chinese Astrology, so this is a very auspicious sign for his success in the forthcoming election.   For fun I worked out the signs in Chinese astrology of some of our leading politicians. You may be surprised – at how accurately they work out.

David Cameron is a Horse.  And in an amazing political revelation, Nick Clegg is exactly the same thing!  So the talk about them being so alike is backed up by Chinese Astrology.  Even more amazing, they are both Fire Horses.  Horses are quick witted and they know how to seize the moment. They are known for being intelligent,  capable of  multi-tasking and use their practicality in their business and private lives.  They are friendly and open minded, loyal friends who will be straight with you. Fire horses can be very quick tempered, and will rant and rage, although they later regret their outbursts.  Is this where the phrase “high horse” originated?   (joke) Both can be a tad snooty.

Ed Miliband (24/12/69) is an Earth Monkey, the most academic type of Chinese Monkey.  These people are interested in accumulating wealth, and often end up very rich.They can sometimes be crafty, cunning and dishonest and will grasp any opportunity to make a quick profit or outsmart their opponents. They have so much confidence in themselves that they sometimes forget to take other peoples advice. With so many diverse talents the Monkey is able to make a lot of money in life,  always happy to spend the money as soon  as they get it.

Tony Blair (6/5/53) and David Miliband (15/7/65) are both Snakes.  Ancient Chinese wisdom says it is good to have a Snake in the family, because then you will never starve.  The Snake places great value on material wealth.  The Snake is keen and cunning, intelligent and wise.  Tony Blair is a Water Snake so read about his desire for success and need to be rewarded.  David Miliband is materialistic, with loner tendencies.

Alastair Campbell is a Fire Rooster, possessing vanity and bullying tendencies. Ken Livingstone is  a Rooster.  He is a Wood Rooster, which is slightly different from Ali C.  All Roosters  have a tendency to brag about themselves and their achievements and demand an attentive audience when doing so. The basic characteristics of Roosters are “brave, romantic, motivated, proud, blunt, resentful and boastful”.  Ken certainly has some of these qualities.

As always, when discussing esoteric matters, Boris Johnson (19/6/64) is the most revered of all.   He is the mightiest of the Chinese signs, a Dragon.  In China, the Dragon is a creature of myth and legend.  A symbol of good fortune and intense power, the Dragon is regarded as a divine beast – the reverse of the malicious monster that Westerners seek out and slay.  In Eastern philosophy,  the Dragon is a deliverer of good fortune and a master of authority.  Therefore those people born in Dragon years are to be honoured and respected.  Dragons are full of vitality and love of life.  Boris is a Wood Dragon, so he adds creativity and artistic talent to his intense power.  When challenged, he is outspoken and fearless. A fault could be too much truth and outspokeness. Not everyone can take the truth like he can.  Here is another link for the super powerful Wood Dragon.   This Dragon is “capable of brilliant new concepts”.

Our Mayor is proud to be a Dragon, as you will  see from the great video here via Con Home.    Is it all just fun, or is there some truth in it?  You decide.

3 responses to “It’s the Year of the Dragon in Chinese Astrology

  1. I loved this! So accurate, angel. So so accurate. Boris is Lord of All.

  2. I thought you had fiddled these until ‘i checked the links. Amazingly accurate.

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