Desperate Labour blame Boris for having a week off with his family

Churlish.  Desperate.  Laughable.  Unkind.  These are only a few of the words being used to describe Labour’s latest attack on the Mayor.   Labour supporters who should know better, like Tony McNulty and Guardian writer Dave Hill, are blaming our Mayor for spending a week off with his family.  This is the only holiday Boris has had all year! 

The last time Boris went on holiday,he was camping in the Rockies with his family and he had to come straight back to deal with the London riots. Now he takes a paltry week off over New Year and they are all screaming blue bloody murder in a desperate attempt to pin something on his stellar performance this year.

The Daily Mirror, pathetically trying to whip up some controversy, has said that the fact he is away from his job has sparked outrage, haha.  The truth is that the real outrage is because Boris’s odds have improved again in the pollsHe is now 8/25 to beat Ken with Betfare, while Ken is languishing on an appalling 257/100.  Ken’s feeble, spiteful attacks are causing his odds to plummet.

There are few Londoners who would begrudge the Mayor one week off a year with his family.  The damb squibs at Boris lately are utterly pathetic.  Ken and Labour have no idea how to attack him, the previous attempt was that he was a true blue Tory,haha.  We all know that!  Good for him!  Londoners love, trust and desperately need Boris.  That is what is sparking the real outrage in the Labour party.

2 responses to “Desperate Labour blame Boris for having a week off with his family

  1. This is pathetic. Poor old Boris has one week’s holiday and even that is too much according to these idiots. Potty.

    • I know. The real reason for sparking outrage is because Boris is doing better and better in the polls, and every time Labour do a stupid attack like this, Ken’s odds plummet.

      They have NO IDEA how to attack Boris.

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