First it was Fraggle Rock fashion.  Now it’s the new Muppets movie.  The Muppets are synonymous with the Labour Party in the UK, that’s for sure.  Think of Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Red Ken and name your Muppet!

Now in the US, on the  Fox Business Channel,  anchor Eric Bolling showed a clip of the new Disney movie of the Muppets and suggested — well, no, he said outright — that the story was aimed at planting the seeds of class warfare among our precious children.

That’s because the Muppet–villain is an oil baron called Tex Richman.

“What’s actually going on there? Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to brainwash our kids?” he asked, quite reasonably.

Well, of course it is. They’ve been doing it for decades,” rejoined Fox guest, Dan Gainor. “Hollywood — they hate the oil industry, they hate corporate America.”

The rest of America must love the oil industry, and has a warm and fuzzy feeling for corporate America. That must be why that Occupy Wall Street thing hasn’t gone anywhere! But for Muppets in politics, we beat the US hollow every time!

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