Pajama parties are the new fun

Because of the credit crunch, in is the new out, and the pajama party is the latest fun form of relaxation. I’m not talking some erotic free for all. These occasions are genuinely innocent, girly get-togethers to watch the latest movie or comedy series, as you snuggle in your wincyette jammies and knitted socks, with a chaste cup of hot chocolate.dorispajamasAlcohol is banned, unless it is a dash of brandy in a hot drink. Instead of wearing your jammies when out shopping, quite a trend at one time, this is all about relaxation and wearing your pajamas as the designer intended. So forget Berlusconi and menage a quatres.  Snuggle up!

2 responses to “Pajama parties are the new fun

  1. I so agree. I love my jammies, great for a cosy Sunday, reading the papers…..

  2. I’m in! Tell me the time and place…….

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